Dr. Randall Solomon Backs Away from Diagnosis of “Covid Mandate Psychosis”

by Michael Kane


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I attended the 6-hour hearing for teacher Noelle Florio where Psychiatrist Randall Solomon testified that he found Florio unfit to be a teacher accusing her of suffering psychosis with “rigid and fixed beliefs” surrounding covid mandates. However during sworn testimony Solomon made sure to make very clear his assessment was a “probable” diagnosis, not definitive or certain in the least.

Nevertheless he maintained Florio is “unfit to be a teacher.” Florio essentially lost her job for not being able to wear a mask at work.

Florio was represented by attorney Sean Dixon, who did a solid job cross examining Dr. Solomon. Dixon established that Solomon has worked for over 60 school districts in over 500 cases where teachers and employees were accused of wrong doing. Solomon confirmed in every single one of those cases he always represented the District, never once representing an accused teacher or employee. Such work represents 15% of Solomon’s total income. I have sources who tell me NYSUT (teacher union) attorneys view Solomon as a “hired gun,” as he is prone to support the District’s narrative towards those they deem “problem employees” in the overwhelming majority of his assessments.

Solomon had access to Florio’s personnel file, but chose not to mention that she never had a disciplinary letter added to her file at any time nor that she had commendations in her file from parents in the District. Attorney Dixon did a good job of making the case that Dr. Solomon, a psychiatrist who is well paid by the William Floyd Union Free School District, has a bias to portray Florio strictly in a negative light.

There was a recording of the over 2 hour mandatory psychiatric 913 evaluation Solomon administered to Florio in August of 2022, which was played in full during the hearing. It was not easy for Florio to relive that entire process again, and at about 40 minutes in she left the hearing room visibly upset (who can blame her).

Florio suffers from a serious medical condition, possibly lupus, as the diagnosis of her multiple ailments has shifted over the years and with different doctors. Losing her job, being refused medical treatment because she was unable to wear a mask, and the overall trauma of the covid-crisis has taken its toll on her. The covid crisis has taken its toll on us all, in various ways.

At the end of the 2 hour evaluation recording Solomon asked Florio to give him permission to access the New York State prescription database so he could check all class-2 drugs that she had ever been prescribed right in that instant. Florio said she had a HIPAA form that Solomon could sign and request that information from her doctor. Solomon refused, and stated Florio was not complying with the evaluation. In my opinion this was a clear and flagrant HIPAA violation by Solomon.

At this point in the recording Florio gets quite disturbed, and states that she had complied with 99% of everything Solomon had asked of her, but would not comply with this request. When attorney Dixon questioned Solomon about this, he clearly established that there was in fact no “urgent need” for that database to be accessed in that precise instant. It took Solomon about 30 days to finish his report. He very easily could have signed the HIPAA form Florio gave to him, reached out to Florio’s doctor and gotten the information well in advance of 30 days. That would have been the lawful and moral thing to do, with zero coercion or strong-arm tactics.

Florio also made a critical point on the audio recording during her mandatory evaluation. Dr. Solomon could render Florio “unfit” to teach without ever observing her for even one second in the classroom; a point Dixon reiterated during his cross examination. This represents a fundamental flaw in the entire process!

When the audio finished of the 913 mandated psychiatric evaluation those in attendance erupted in applause in support of Noelle Florio, and how she stood up for her rights. The arbitrator, Ms. Julie Torrey, Esq empathized that this was an emotionally charged hearing, but stated outbursts would not be tolerated. One man in attendance verbally pushed back on this, which resulted in the one-and-only tense moment between an attendee and the arbiter.

On the recorded evaluation of Florio, Dr. Solomon repeatedly focused on her “fixation” with not wearing a mask. He focused on her saying there was an “evil” behind the forced mandates and that we are in a “spiritual war.” Florio stated forced mask mandates were really about compliance, control, and separation. At one point Solomon asked if Florio’s “mask issue” was necessary to “stop the evil” she spoke of.

To me, this was clearly Solomon trying to make connections that weren’t there; to imply mental illness that wasn’t there. Complete nonsense in my opinion.

After Solomon testified that Florio had a preoccupation with the covid mandates and refused to see another point of view, Dixon’s asked Solomon if he was aware that his colleagues in American Medical Journals state clearly that wearing a mask is “useless.” Solomon did concede he was aware of this fact.

I seriously doubt Dr. Randall Solomon’s diagnosis of Noelle Florio is going to stand as legitimate by the time this hearing process concludes.

Noelle Florio has two more hearings scheduled:

April 6, 10 am, Dr. Peter Breggin will testify

April 11, 10 am, Noelle will be giving her own testimony

PUBLIC HEARINGS will be at the William Floyd Union Free School District District Office 240 Mastic Beach Road, Mastic Beach, NY 11951



During the first break in the hearing the District’s attorney introduced himself to me. He stated he had read the reporting at TeachersForChoice.org, and also thanked me for how “my attendees” behaved. After the applause and ‘outburst’ of one individual he looked at me and said, “Oh well!” with a smile.

It was a privilege to meet Noelle’s family – her husband, son, father, and many other very pleasant people. And I can’t say enough about the 30+ Medical Freedom Fighters who came from near and far to support Noelle Florio. Our presence was necessary and powerful!

8 thoughts on “Dr. Randall Solomon Backs Away from Diagnosis of “Covid Mandate Psychosis”

  1. Malpractice suit is in order 500 cases for the schools. Thousands for retainer each case. One visit makes a diagnosis of psychotic in a few hours. OMG !!! The writing is on the wall. If you were bullied ny these terrorist tactics. Come forward April 6 William Floyd School High School District Office. Time tba


  2. Seems like it’s the school system and all the people who believe in Covid theater who are the true psychos!


  3. L this is my niece. She was fired for not wearing a mask. She wanted a public hearing which the ‘‘em Floyd school is not happy with. So they hire a professional so call psychologist to evaluate her. You have to hear the audio to believe this. He lied under oath. She gets to tell her story soon. Please come and share what’s going on with your tax dollars. Witch hunt! Save Mrs Florio!!


  4. I would love to meet or chat with her. She is a bright light, and what caught my interest were a few words, biggest being spiritual warfare. This lady shines and some of us that shine, get labeled as bipolar and this and that. If she ever read this comment I made I’m pretty sure she would understand it where others may not.


  5. No one knows this situation better than I do. Solomon cost me my career and my future. Please have the author of this story, and Miss Florio contact me via facebook. Guy Santostefano


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