Dr. Randall Solomon Backs Away from Diagnosis of “Covid Mandate Psychosis”

by Michael Kane 3-24-23 Read previous reports on this case part 1 and part 2 *** I attended the 6-hour hearing for teacher Noelle Florio where Psychiatrist Randall Solomon testified that he found Florio unfit to be a teacher accusing her of suffering psychosis with “rigid and fixed beliefs” surrounding covid mandates. However during swornContinue reading “Dr. Randall Solomon Backs Away from Diagnosis of “Covid Mandate Psychosis””

Toddler Mask Mandate Madness

Protest and Lawsuits NYC Parents and Activists will be protesting against the toddler mask mandates in front of City Hall on Monday, April 3 starting at 3pm. Join them to make sure Mayor Adams hears you loud and clear! Get info on the protest here – https://twitter.com/nyfreedomrally/status/1509872004635283482?s=20&t=TywJjY4NTipfvvVYHQ0nvQ Below is a media release from the parents’Continue reading “Toddler Mask Mandate Madness”