Unvaxxed Captain Brendan Fogarty Reinstated to FDNY!

by Michael Kane


Captain Brendan Fogarty was reinstated to his position in the New York City Fire Department after being forced into early retirement for declining covid vaccination last year. Captain Fogarty is one of the principle members of Bravest for Choice, who will be speaking at the May 16 Medical Freedom Rally in Albany, NY.

Fogarty is best known for his viral testimony back in September of 2022 in front of New York City Council where his impassioned testimony included the comment “I was allowed to run into a burning building but I couldn’t eat in a restaurant,” referring to the discriminatory vaccine mandates from Mayor de Blasio, sustained by Mayor Eric Adams.

Fogarty was interviewed earlier today on CHD TV. Watch that full interview by clicking here.

Captain Fogarty was allowed to come back to work without signing away his rights to sue NYC, but other fire fighters who were forced into early retirement are not being granted the same right. “The city is doing damage control right now, that’s what Mayor Adams is doing…they know that they’ve lost,” said Fogarty during his interview with CHD TV.

It appears that any firefighter who has already sued NYC does not have to sign a waiver to get back on the job, but those who have not do. “It’s just more discrimination,” said Fogarty.

Fogarty is a named plaintiff in the case New Yorkers for Religious Liberty v. The City of New York which has been paired with Kane v. de Blasio and Keil v. NYC. All three cases were argued by lead attorney John Bursch in the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals on February 8. The judges have yet to render a decision. Attorneys for the fired workers are adamant that they will take the case to SCOTUS if they don’t win in the 2nd Circuit. Plaintiffs are represented by Children’s Health Defense, Nelson Madden & Black as well as Alliance Defending Freedom.

3 thoughts on “Unvaxxed Captain Brendan Fogarty Reinstated to FDNY!

  1. May 2 was the anniversary of my termination for refusal to comply with NYC-based financial services institution’s mandate (though I do not live in NY). So perfect that Fogarty was reinstated to coincide with that date; his story and his viral testimony hit me hard because I could relate to all that he said. Also on May 2, the judge in my case issued the first ruling – Defendant’s motion to dismiss denied, Plaintiff’s motion to remand granted. I look forward to having my case heard in State court. James 1:6 Thank you for all you do!


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