Emergency Use Authorization = EXPERIMENTAL

Legal Response to the Department of Justice The following email was sent to United Federation of Teachers (UFT) President Michael Mulgrew with Randi Weingarten and Andy Pallotta cc’d on August 6, 2021, at 5:10 am. Feel free to re-send this letter to them yourself, if you are so inclined: <mmulgrew@uft.org>, <rweingar@aft.org>, <Andrew.Pallotta@nysut.org> *** To theContinue reading “Emergency Use Authorization = EXPERIMENTAL”

Petition calling on FDA to Slow Down COVID Vaccine Approval Process

6-15-21 Please everyone write a comment on this petition! This is a very big deal, and it needs our full support and promotion. Spread this widely and send to all media outlets! 27 science and health experts have submitted a petition to the FDA calling for the government agency to slow down the process ofContinue reading “Petition calling on FDA to Slow Down COVID Vaccine Approval Process”