Amazing Day in Court and in Prayer

John Bursch Mic Drop in NYC 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals by Michael Kane 2-8-23 John Bursch was phenomenal during oral arguments today on behalf of NYC workers fired for declining covid vaccination in the cases New Yorkers for Religious Liberty v. NYC, Kane v. de Blasio, and Keil v. NYC. These three cases wereContinue reading “Amazing Day in Court and in Prayer”


Music, Speakers and Resistance! Real New Yorkers for a Real New York Music starting as early as 2pm TEACHERS FOR CHOICE, NY Freedom Rally, and Children’s Health Defense all keep making history in NYC. Join us Monday, September 27th for either a massive protest or massive celebration! The 27th is D-Day for the de BlasioContinue reading “RALLY FOLEY SQUARE 9-27-21”

Unvaccinated Teachers and Parents Banned from NYC Schools

TEACHERS FOR CHOICE 9-11-21 Authoritarian segregation is now the official policy of NYC and NYC Schools. The only actions we have left are as follows: Massive peaceful uprising! Come to Foley Square Monday 9-13-21, 4pm WALK OUT WEEK (starting 9-13-21, info below) Leave the UFT and AFT teacher unions NOW! Lawsuits On Friday 9-10-21, NYCContinue reading “Unvaccinated Teachers and Parents Banned from NYC Schools”