Music, Speakers and Resistance!

Real New Yorkers for a Real New York

Music starting as early as 2pm

TEACHERS FOR CHOICE, NY Freedom Rally, and Children’s Health Defense all keep making history in NYC. Join us Monday, September 27th for either a massive protest or massive celebration!

The 27th is D-Day for the de Blasio Vaccine Mandate to work in NYC Schools. There are multiple lawsuits filed against this mandate and currently a restraining order against the mandate. The 27th is a crucial day for the history of NYC, New York and America!!!

Come join Real New Yorkers trying to save the REAL NEW YORK!

3 thoughts on “RALLY FOLEY SQUARE 9-27-21

  1. We’re not gunna take it! No! We ain’t gunna take it! We’re not gunna take the mayor’s, the Chancellor’s, the AFT’s, nor the UFT’s $#!+ anymore!!!


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