NY Educators WILL STOP Paying Union Dues in March

We didn’t forget…

by Michael Kane


For about 3 months TEACHERS FOR CHOICE has been saying if our 7 Demands of New York Teacher Unions are not met, we will stop paying union dues starting March 1st. Today is March 5th, and our demands have not been met.

We were not, and are not, kidding.

There is much going on behind the scenes right now that I can’t discuss publicly. Not yet. We have a fund dedicated to diverting our union dues in preparation for multiple battles against forced medical mandates of NY Educators. Lawyers for the fund are finalizing the contract for TEACHERS FOR CHOICE , our attorneys need to review and approve that contract, and other pressing legal matters are in the works right now as well.

Timing is everything. It all needs to launch in the right time and in the right manner. When the time is right – and it will be very soon – all will be revealed. For now please sit tight and know that TEACHERS FOR CHOICE and our attorneys are working hard for all of us.

More soon.

6 thoughts on “NY Educators WILL STOP Paying Union Dues in March

  1. Thank you NY Teachers for Choice for fighting so hard for our medical freedom and for all that you do. It is truly appreciated the hard work that you do.

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  2. As a mom/teacher the 7 demands need to be boosted to 10- no more covid questionnaire before school/work, mask optional, and no more vaccine “anonymous “ surveys or appt info. Teachers can reach out to who ever is in charge of the appt.


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