Explaining How To STOP COPE Payments to NY Teacher Unions

5-21-21 TEACHERS FOR CHOICE has launched our STOP COPE campaign. This is where we call on all New York Educators, from all teacher unions, to stop paying the political action COPE money to their unions, and instead redirect that money to the Health Freedom Defense Fund for New York Educators to prepare for lawsuits andContinue reading “Explaining How To STOP COPE Payments to NY Teacher Unions”

NY EDUCATORS: Is It Time to Stop Paying Union Dues?

STOP COPE! by Michael Kane Donate to TEACHERS FOR CHOICE by clicking HERE 4-19-21 UPDATE – FAQ’s for STOP COPE Campaign TEACHERS FOR CHOICE has just announced our partnership with Health Freedom Defense Fund (HFDF). Read the full press release announcement HERE. We are calling on all New York State Educators who support us toContinue reading “NY EDUCATORS: Is It Time to Stop Paying Union Dues?”

NY Educators WILL STOP Paying Union Dues in March

We didn’t forget… by Michael Kane 3-5-21 For about 3 months TEACHERS FOR CHOICE has been saying if our 7 Demands of New York Teacher Unions are not met, we will stop paying union dues starting March 1st. Today is March 5th, and our demands have not been met. We were not, and are not,Continue reading “NY Educators WILL STOP Paying Union Dues in March”

Resolution to Divert Union Dues from NY Teacher Unions to an Emergency Health Protection Fund

Resolution #1 1-10-21 This resolution has been passed by the NY TEACHERS FOR CHOICE Steering Committee, http://www.nyteachersforchoice.org, originally published at the following link: https://nyteachersforchoice.wordpress.com/2021/01/10/resolution-to-divert-union-dues-from-ny-teacher-unions-to-an-emergency-health-protection-fund/ *** WHEREAS educators and parents throughout New York State have formed an emergency “TEACHERS FOR CHOICE” union caucus; WHEREAS the majority of educators currently in this caucus are members of theContinue reading “Resolution to Divert Union Dues from NY Teacher Unions to an Emergency Health Protection Fund”

Avoiding an Existential Teacher Union Crisis

Open Letter to UFT President Michael Mulgrew 1-6-21 To the Honorable Mr. Michael Mulgrew: My name is Michael Kane. I am a special education teacher, UFT member, and steering committee member for an emergency union caucus known as “TEACHERS FOR CHOICE.” I am writing to kindly request that we meet to discuss a coming existentialContinue reading “Avoiding an Existential Teacher Union Crisis”