Uprising In France Over MEDICAL MANDATES


All across Twitter on Bastille Day video after video kept flying by my feed of thousands of people uprising in France in multiple cities. This comes just as London seems to have hundreds of thousands protesting in the streets every other week against forced vaccination and vaccine passports. Similar uprisings occurred in Greece as well.

After viewing a dozen videos I reached out to Mary Holland from Children’s Health Defense because she was just in Europe a week ago. I asked if she knew anyone in France that could get us credible info, and boy did she deliver!

Below is an account from American Ex-Patriot Debora Blake now in France that is a must read for everyone across the planet. Here’s what jumps out at me the most from this account:

  • Macron is instituting a backdoor forced vaccination policy for all in France
  • This policy resulted in over 1 million French citizen instant vaccine appointments
  • POLICE don’t have to get the vaccine – a bribe to keep them loyal to Macron
  • There is a cross-political coalition rapidly building against this in France
  • Le Pen’s name is about to surge back into the MSM
  • The MSM will smear this coalition as right-wing Fascists

I also believe that the global agenda to force vaccinate the populace is now the key metric by which the Davos class and the world’s richest banking families are rating politicians. Those politicians who follow orders and attempt forced vaccination will be rewarded, and those who are SUCCESSFUL with such campaigns will be handsomely rewarded.

Below is the account from Ex-Pat Debora Blake – mk


Bastille Day 2021: The French Take A Jab At Macron

by Debora Blake

As France was celebrating Bastille Day on July 14th, despite mainstream media reports of a “few hundred people” in the streets following President Macron’s speech on Monday evening, it was clear from people actually in the streets that several thousand French people were demonstrating.

In multiple cities across France, including Bordeaux, Lyon, Marseille, Nantes and of course, Paris, protestors were expressing their disgust and disagreement with President Macron’s announcements of Monday, July 12. Macron announced that all healthcare workers and people in contact with the sick and weak must be “fully vaccinated by September 15 or else they’ll be prohibited from working”. Many categories of people are affected by this, including fireman and ambulance drivers. However, the police force is excluded and thus not subjected to the obligation to receive the injection, which the protestors claim is experimental and potentially dangerous.

Macron also announced that the “pass sanitaire”, the “health pass” that went into force on July 1 st for entrance to events of 1000 people or more, will now be required, starting July 21, to enter places of “leisure and cultural activities of 50 people or more”. Starting in “early August”, the pass will be required to enter basic places of daily life, including bars, cafés, restaurants, shopping centers, hospitals, nursing homes or to use certain types of transportation including airplanes, trains, intercity trains and long-distance coaches.

The health pass people will be required to show is the QR code that is found in the contact tracing app, TousAntiCovid (EveryoneAgainstCovid) or, for those without a smartphone, printed on a document attesting to the fact that the person has either received the required number of doses of an EMA-approved Covid-19 vaccine 2 or weeks prior, provided a negative test dated less than 48 hours, or a positive RT- PCR test proving the person has “recovered” from a Covid-19 infection in the recent months.

The demonstrators are irate that this latest turn of the screw amounts essentially to forced vaccination for the entire French population, while Macron et Co. brush off the claim, stating that it will still be possible to provide test results. However, Macron also announced that the cost of the various tests, “comfort tests” as he referred to them, which are a way of avoiding the jab, would no longer be covered by the national Social Security system, the basic health care service in France, starting in September. Given the new measures, people will likely need to submit to getting tested multiple times a week and paying out of pocket for it. With the pass being required in all sorts of everyday places, people’s “vaccine credentials” could potentially be verified several times a day.

Having initially claimed such measures or obligations would never apply to daily life, Macron’s clear about face has deeply angered the French.

These new measures also sparked outrage because they apply to children age 12 and up. Monday evening, it was clear that this new plot twist threw a major monkey wrench into the summer vacation plans of many families. On Tuesday, the government back-pedalled and said the health pass would apply to children starting August 30th. He also stated that starting in September, children would be vaccinated in schools.

The protestors were also disgusted by Macron’s unilateral, dictatorial style, essentially announcing that his draft legislation will pass and swiftly become law. The text is expected to be voted in the coming days. Merchants, restaurant, bar and café owners are concerned about this new requirement for them and say they have no desire to start policing their customers, especially after just recently being allowed to reopen and start serving them again, after almost a year of forced closure. They fear that customers will simply choose to stay home if getting jabbed or swabbed is required to enjoy an evening out on the town or an espresso on a terrace.

From a legal perspective, the simple fact that those categories of people would be required to check people’s ID’s and information about their health status violates many laws on the books and infringes a person’s right to privacy and doctor-patient privilege. For the moment, mandatory vaccination applies only to the healthcare workers and related sectors. However, the measure infringes on a person’s right to bodily integrity. Lawyers are currently studying the situation and building their strategy to attack what they consider unconstitutional measures in direct conflict with basic human rights.

During Monday’s televised speech, Macron made other disconcerting announcements, resurrecting the reforms for the French retirement and unemployment benefits systems that had sparked the now-famous “Yellow Vests” movement in 2018. For the moment, mandatory vaccination and health past controversy are taking center stage.

Wednesday’s protests appear to be just the beginning. Politician, former advisor to Marine Le Pen and founder of the Patriots party, Florian Philippot has called for a peaceful and non-partisan protest Saturday, July 17th in Paris. Many doctors, lawyers, and various associations created to defend the French people’s rights and combat the draconian “emergency” restrictions imposed on the population, have accepted his invitation and agreed to put aside their respective differences to unite against what they deem to be tyranny, a health dictatorship and the destruction of a normal way of life. A large turnout is expected.

Before the protestors could take to the streets, Macron’s speech spurred nearly 1 million people to jump online – while he was speaking – to make an appointment to get the shot. The medical-appointment-making website was saturated.

Given the slippery judicial slope these “health measures” are on, and the motions and other actions that lawyers are currently preparing to halt them, regardless of whether or not the measures are revoked or annulled, those million people will have been jabbed and Macron will have contributed to making that happen. Vive la France

Here’s a French government webpage in English explaining the “pass”, info last updated July 1, so it doesn’t have the latest info as of July 12.


The last information as of July 13 is here in French.

Some good photos from the demonstration in Nantes. The message on the womans back says “After #MeToo, #NotMe”.https://www.suvann.fr/albums/14-juil-2021/content/le-cortege-a-pu-se-balader-dans-lhypercentre-de-maniere-tota/lightbox/
Video from Bordeaux: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KUEQqE9xHag
Video from Lyon: https://twitter.com/i/status/1415503365010755587
Video from Marseille: https://twitter.com/i/status/1415739342312640513Video from Nantes: https://twitter.com/i/status/1415621622959165440Video from Paris: Watch the first seconds very carefully: https://twitter.com/i/status/1415752094561325058
Video from Paris showing “hundreds” of people: https://twitter.com/i/status/1415293196477816835
Clashes in Paris: https://twitter.com/i/status/1415731446703136770

Paris, at 2:13 a man rips up his plane ticket and says he refuses to the blackmailed by having get vaccinated in order to travel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AN-aPHOUPhQ

RT France: 3 hours of commentary-less coverage of Paris protest https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sx7LCXxHt4U

Good views of Paris protest: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vNTbFNUET5Y

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