COVID Vax for NYC Hospital Staff Almost Mandatory

What will this mean for NYC Schools Employees?


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by Michael Kane


Mayor De Blasio just announced public hospital workers must get the COVID vaccine or submit to COVID testing once a week, according to the NY POST. This may be a prelude of what will be announced for NYC teachers and educators. NYC already has an extremely authoritarian in-school COVID testing policy. TEACHERS FOR CHOICE is currently suing the NYC DOE over this policy and the case is in front of a New York State Supreme Court Justice right now.

I have been discussing with many stakeholders in the NYC education space what COVID testing will look like in our schools this September and none of us have a clear answer to that. The UFT is a strong supporter of forced testing on everyone in every school building. It’s possible UFT President Michael Mulgrew will agree to a strict policy like the one De Blasio just announced for hospitals as it is not a 100% vaccine mandate, and allows Mulgrew to kinda-sorta stick with his position that vaccination is a personal choice for every educator to make on their own.

We will know very soon.

However this is coming as data from UK and Israel are suggesting the COVID vaccine is not as efficacious against the Delta variant of SARS CoV-2 as many had hoped. Israel’s prime minister said precisely this regarding the Pfizer vaccine just a few days ago. Israel only used the Pfizer jab and is one of the most highly vaccinated countries on the planet. The J&J vaccine has been said to “not be effective” against the Delta COVID strain according to the NY Times. So why are we going to place bets on these experimental vaccines that are barely 1-year old when we are starting to see clear signs of waning efficacy?

Many NYC educators were vaccinated in January of 2021. Come September that will be 8 months ago. Pfizer is now stating immunity from the shot may wane as early as 6 months post-vaccination. Will vaccinated teachers be told they are not vaccinated enough? When will yet another round of vaccination be thrust upon them?

This also comes as more and more reports are published everyday of new “breakthrough” cases of COVID in fully vaccinated people. There were 6 Texas Democrats who were all fully vaccinated and all tested positive for COVID. A fully vaccinated aide to Nancy Pelosi came in contact with those Texas Democrats and she too tested positive. So that is a clear sign that fully vaccinated people can spread SARS CoV-2 to other fully vaccinated people. Here is an article showing dozens & dozens of known breakthrough cases. At least 8,000 fully vaccinated New Yorkers have tested positive for COVID.

So now NYC feels fine forcing this experimental vaccine that is barely 1-year-old, and showing clear signs of waning efficacy, on public workers? Not to mention that nearly 11,000 people have died shortly after being injected with a COVID vaccine, according to data published by CDC in the VAERS database. There is even a new lawsuit where an anonymous whistleblower claims to have firsthand knowledge that the 11,000 number is at least 5 fold less than the number of deaths that have actually occurred. This comes from a computer programmer with expertise in the healthcare analytics field. The whistleblower may be anonymous to us, but not to the judge the case sits before.

Top all this off with the fact that no COVID vaccine has been FDA approved, all are still under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) which by FDA definition means they are still experimental. If the COVID shot is made mandatory for NYC educators with no alternative TEACHERS FOR CHOICE will have no choice but to sue the NYC DOE for a third time. If it is made pseudo-mandatory as is the case with NYC hospital workers we will have to consider all options with our attorneys.

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