NY UNIONS FOR CHOICE PROTEST 8-25-21 NYC City Hall, Broadway and Murray, 4pm


Protesting Biden, Cuomo, de Blasio’s Medical Mandates

Come to City Hall

Stage Setup at Broadway & Murray

Wednesday, August 25, 4pm

to support the largest protest of rank & file union members in NYC History!

We will be protesting federal, state and city mandates that are moving in the direction of forced vaccination to keep our jobs. Once a COVID vaccine is fully FDA approved, will they still allow us to test instead of getting vaccinated, or will they 100% force the vaccine on all organized labor?

Firefighters, Teachers, Nurses, Healthcare Workers, EMTs, EMS, Police, Detectives, Sanitation, Postal Workers, Federal Workers, and more – we need you all! Bring signs promoting your Local Unions!

22 thoughts on “NY UNIONS FOR CHOICE PROTEST 8-25-21 NYC City Hall, Broadway and Murray, 4pm

  1. Teachers, healthcare and police and anyone should be able to choose what is put into their own bodies. Our body our choice, our child our choice. This vaccine has no long term studies unlike prior vaccines that had in excess of 10 years. And an ingredient that has never before used in humans mRNA. Despicable to even had it used at all when there is a treatment. Neumberg code, remember that?


  2. People must have the right to choose, especially that this vaccine is very new. The testing option, and/or religious and medical exemptions must be granted, at the least. Other States don’t have this mandate – then why here?!


  3. I am a retired school psychologist and I support The Teachers for Choice movement. I am out if the country so I will not be able to join tomorrow’s protest. Please keep me posted regarding future events.


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