Randi Weingarten Flip-Flops Back to Forced Vaxx

On MEET THE PRESS yesterday, Randi Weingarten changed her position – yet again- stating she supports force vaccinating educators. Now our AUGUST 25th NY UNIONS FOR CHOICE PROTEST is more important than ever. Massive grassroots movement from rank-&-file union members is our only hope – spread the word!!!

Below is an email I sent to Randi Weingarten this morning, 8-9-21, at 5:19am


Ms. Weingarten right when the CDC announces COVID vaccines can no longer prevent transmission, that’s when you flip your stance to forcing them on your members? The only truly compelling legal argument to force vaccinate employees is that it prevents transmission, as Alan Dershowitz has argued, thus protecting others.

That argument is now gone!

“Leaky” vaccines such as those for flu and covid are very limited in what they can do. They cannot provide sterilizing immunity like that which is recognized from the smallpox vaccine. In fact no one is even trying to argue they can provide this.

With multiple other layers of protection in NYC Schools, Ms. Weingarten you are causing a very large faction of your constituency to lose faith in your anti-science pandering to Big Pharma. You are losing the hearts and minds of the most intelligent members you have, both vaccinated and unvaccinated. This is a very dangerous anti-science stance to take right at the peak of anti-teacher-union sentiment in America. The long-term repercussions will be devastating!

Michael Kane www.teachersforchoice.org

3 thoughts on “Randi Weingarten Flip-Flops Back to Forced Vaxx

  1. Randi cared for teachers when she was the NYC Union Representative.Now she has turn her back on us and frankly I have lost confidence in Randi. We need someone who cares about our health. I usually listen to my own personal doctor when it comes to my health. If a teacher’s doctor says no and Randi says yes. I guess we are suppose listen to Randi. Since sick people cannot work how many years of paid disability are we entitle to after the jab.


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