Randi Weingarten’s Horrible Conflict of Interest

Her wife was nominated to presidential position; one week later she calls for forced vaccination of educators

Our August 25th Protest is more important than ever!

by Michael Kane


On July 30th the Whitehouse announced its intentions to nominate Randi Weingarten’s wife, Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum, to a position appointed by President Biden. The very next day, Weingarten responded in email to me and dozens of other educators with the following:

The DeBlasio /Cuomo/Biden parameters of a vaccine or testing are sound giving the nature of this virus. 

One week later she announces she supports full-on forced vaccination of her members.

Randi Weingarten has completely thrown away her fiduciary responsibility to the members she is supposed to represent. She has flip-flopped her position on force vaccinating educators so many times our heads are spinning even as NYSUT President Andy Pallotta holds steady with his clear statement that a vaccine mandate is not supported by the largest union in New York State.

This most recent Weingarten flip-flop reeks of conflict of interest and corruption.

We all know the teacher unions and the Democratic Party have a cozy relationship, which is to be expected. But this clearly goes way far beyond that. Weingarten’s fiduciary responsibility is to the needs of her members, NOT the needs of her wife’s new presidential nomination or the Biden administration. The last time Weingarten so blatantly called for forced vaccination was in September of 2020 when she was jockeying for a nod as Secretary of Education in the soon-to-be Biden administration. After she was passed over for that nomination she changed her tune because TEACHERS FOR CHOICE and tens of thousands of our supporters made it clear this was not what was in the best interest of the membership that pays her salary.

This also comes as the Biden’s Justice Department just released a flawed Slip Opinion that forced vaccination is legal even with vaccines that are only given EUA approval. The law firm of Siri & Glimstad has produced a lengthy legal response pointing out many of the major flaws in that opinion. Regardless, Weingarten is sticking with the legal opinion of her wife’s soon-to-be new boss.

Now that her wife has been named a presidential nominee Weingarten doesn’t even need to be told what to do. She is such a seasoned Democratic political operative she knows precisely how to “pay back” the kindness of Joe Biden to her family.

And she calls for forced vaccination of the members she represents right as the CDC admits COVID vaccines no longer protect against transmission of the SARS CoV-2 virus. The only somewhat sound legal argument to forcibly inject Americans with a vaccine is that it prevents the spread of the virus to other people. The CDC Director just blew that argument to bits & pieces.

The stench of corruption is palpable!

6 thoughts on “Randi Weingarten’s Horrible Conflict of Interest

  1. “How Much Does Randi Weingarten Make In A Year? As per the American Federation of Teachers, Randi Weingarten receives an annual gross salary of around $382 thousand. She gets additional benefits of around $114k, which sums her total earnings to $497 thousand a year. She currently works as the President of the American Federation of Teachers.”

    from heightzone.com



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