Michael Kane Interviews Randi Weingarten on NYC Teacher Vaccine Mandates

10-4-22 Watch interview here: https://live.childrenshealthdefense.org/shows/good-morning-chd/ducZn9n_Vz Today American Federation of Teachers (AFT) union president Randi Weingarten was interviewed by fired NYC school teacher Michael Kane on CHD TV’s morning broadcast Good Morning CHD. At the Labor Day Parade in NYC on September 10th Kane had confronted Weingarten and asked her questions about educators fired over vaccineContinue reading “Michael Kane Interviews Randi Weingarten on NYC Teacher Vaccine Mandates”

Kane Invites Mike Mulgrew and UFT to City Hall Press Conference

Email Sent to Mulgrew, Weingarten, and all UFT VPs COME TO OUR PRESS CONFERENCE 9-28-22, get al details HERE *** SUBJECT: PRESS CONFERENCE INVITATION: City Hall, Wednesday 9-28, 1pm SENT ON 9-26-22, 12:25pm SENT TO: Michael Mulgrew <mmulgrew@uft.org>,LeRoy Barr <lbarr@uft.org>,Michael Sill <msill@uft.org>,dpenny@uft.org,tbrown@uft.org,kalford@uft.org,mginese@uft.org,agoldman@uft.org,lgordon@uft.org,Janella Hinds <jhinds@uft.org>,rmantell@uft.org,mvaccaro@uft.org,“Randi Weingarten, Office of the President” <rweingar@aft.org> cc: Susan Edelman (NY POST),Continue reading “Kane Invites Mike Mulgrew and UFT to City Hall Press Conference”

Why fully vaccinated educators must leave the AFT and UFT

AFT & UFT are nothing but partners of the BioSecurity State Learn how to leave the UFT HERE by Michael Kane 9-26-21 The UFT teachers union in NYC and its national umbrella AFT have already decided the following: Vaccination every 6 months is now a “way of life” for their members Anyone who is ‘unvaccianted’Continue reading “Why fully vaccinated educators must leave the AFT and UFT”

Bring Back NYC’s Weekly Testing Option

Email sent to Michael Mulgrew on 9-1-21, 1pm: To: Michael Mulgrewcc: Randi Weingarten, Andy Pallotta *** Good afternoon. I and TEACHERS FOR CHOICE ask that Michael Mulgrew advocates strongly to bring back the weekly testing option for those educators who are willing to agree to this but not vaccination. The entire MLC supports this atContinue reading “Bring Back NYC’s Weekly Testing Option”

Attorney Michael Sussman Supports TEACHERS FOR CHOICE Leaving the UFT

8-30-21 Legendary Harvard-trained civil rights attorney and Progressive Democrat Michael Sussman fully supports TEACHERS FOR CHOICE calling on our supporters to leave the United Federation of Teachers (UFT) union. About 6 months ago while finishing one lawsuit and beginning another with Sussman I had asked his legal advice on whether I and my supporters shouldContinue reading “Attorney Michael Sussman Supports TEACHERS FOR CHOICE Leaving the UFT”

Randi Weingarten’s Horrible Conflict of Interest

Her wife was nominated to presidential position; one week later she calls for forced vaccination of educators Our August 25th Protest is more important than ever! by Michael Kane 8-9-21 On July 30th the Whitehouse announced its intentions to nominate Randi Weingarten’s wife, Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum, to a position appointed by President Biden. The veryContinue reading “Randi Weingarten’s Horrible Conflict of Interest”

Randi Weingarten Flip-Flops Back to Forced Vaxx

On MEET THE PRESS yesterday, Randi Weingarten changed her position – yet again- stating she supports force vaccinating educators. Now our AUGUST 25th NY UNIONS FOR CHOICE PROTEST is more important than ever. Massive grassroots movement from rank-&-file union members is our only hope – spread the word!!! Below is an email I sent toContinue reading “Randi Weingarten Flip-Flops Back to Forced Vaxx”

TEACHERS FOR CHOICE Postponing National Forum Focusing on if it is Time to Leave Teachers Unions

Waiting till after meeting with Randi Weingarten and AFT 7-15-21 TEACHERS FOR CHOICE had previously announced we would be holding a national forum of educators in July asking if it is time to leave our unions. Educators from Los Angeles, San Francisco, Philadelphia, NYC and more were planning to virtually convene to share thoughts andContinue reading “TEACHERS FOR CHOICE Postponing National Forum Focusing on if it is Time to Leave Teachers Unions”

Randi Weingarten Reversed Forced Vaccination Comments

by Michael Kane 7-12-21 On February 5, 2021, President of the American Federation of Teachers union (AFT) Randi Weingarten stated that vaccinations are not “preconditions” for returning to in-person learning. Interestingly February 5th was the very day I announced I would be calling upon Weingarten to publicly rescind her statement from September of 2020 supportingContinue reading “Randi Weingarten Reversed Forced Vaccination Comments”

Randi Weingarten Addresses America on COVID Testing

“If the NFL could figure out how to do this in terms of testing and the protocols, if schools are that important let’s do it.” Randi Weingarten, Meet The Press, February 22, 2021 by Michael Kane 2-22-21 Randi Weingarten showed how little she knows about science and COVID testing when she compared the reopening ofContinue reading “Randi Weingarten Addresses America on COVID Testing”