NYC Teacher Rachel Maniscalco Publicly Resigns From the UFT

by Michael Kane


Rachel Maniscalco is an NYC public school teacher who publicly resigned from the United Federation of Teachers (UFT) at our 8-25-21 protest immediately after I announced I was leaving the UFT as well. We did NOT resign from teaching, but we both announced we are leaving an organization that no longer represents us or our fundamental rights. I predict 3,000 NYC teachers will be following us in the next 2 weeks. If the UFT and NYC bring back the COVID testing option in lieu of vaccination, I predict that number will be half as much. Regardless, Rachel and I are GONE!

This video from the Associated Press may make Maniscalco a legend, as the power of hearing her resign while holding her baby girl in a papoose on her belly is quite simply bone chilling (this was her baby girl’s second protest):

2 thoughts on “NYC Teacher Rachel Maniscalco Publicly Resigns From the UFT

  1. I totally agree , this violates freedom of choice to all american individuals , we live in the land of the free . Vaccines should be a choice not & not forced on anyone


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