TEACHERS FOR CHOICE Endorses Bill Pepitone for NYC Mayor

from Michael Kane & TEACHERS FOR CHOICE


I am not a conservative, I am a progressive unionist.

Bill Pepitone is the Conservative Party Candidate for Mayor of NYC.

However I am also effectively a one-issue voter because I see clearly if we don’t have the freedom to walk into a restaurant, a museum, a library or a school building without showing “proof of vaccination” then we are not free in NYC.

Eric Adams is the Democratic nominee for NYC mayor. Back in March of 2020 he was asked if he would mandate the covid vaccine for teachers and students. At that time he clearly indicated he would not do so.

He lied to everyone.

Today he is being quoted by the press as saying Mayor de Blasio’s Draconian forced vaccination policy in NYC Schools is “going in the right direction.” Clearly Adams can’t be trusted.

I and TEACHERS FOR CHOICE (TFC) do not endorse every position Pepitone holds in his platform, but nevertheless we are proud to offer him our endorsement to be the next mayor of NYC!

Pepitone has supported TFC from the very beginning. Protests in the snow, in front of UFT Headquarters, in front of City Hall, at Foley Square, every event we were involved in, every time we called him he has been with us supporting the freedom to choose what does and does not go into our own bodies. We cannot say that about any other mayoral candidate. Not one of them has stood with us.

Pepitone is against vaccine passports and forced vaccine mandates especially as they relate to the covid vaccine. He will bring back the teachers and educators currently placed on unpaid leave for not complying with de Blasio’s forced covid vaccine policy, and he will allow unvaccinated parents to enter their children’s school buildings once again.

Many people are not aware of how despicable the segregation implemented by Mayor de Blasio truly is. Nearly 60% of African American parents are unvaccinated, and they are all banned from stepping foot in NYC Schools. This repulses me and TFC. Bill Pepitone will end this discriminatory policy immediately when he enters office as NYC’s new mayor.

Pepitone is clearly the best choice for all those who are sickened with the new “show-me-your-papers” NYC.

On November 2nd vote for Bill Pepitone as the next mayor of NYC!

Find him on ROW C!

Learn more about Pepitone’s campaign at the following links:

Official campaign website – https://pepitonefornyc.com/

On Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/pepitonefornyc/

6 thoughts on “TEACHERS FOR CHOICE Endorses Bill Pepitone for NYC Mayor

  1. It’s the progressive unionists whose voting habits got us into this mess in the first place, Mike. Conservatism is, and always has been, the answer to our nations problems. Welcome to the Great Awakening.


    1. I disagree.

      Those who call themselves “progressives” today are anything but. They are REgressive. Like Hitler used the word “socialist” to describe his movement but it was anything but. Historically Progressivism means moving in the direction of positive change. Force injecting medical products that are barely 1-year-old into my muscle tissue is not “progressive.” It’s REgressive insanity.

      And I could not disagree more with your statement that conservatism “is, and always has been, the answer to our nations problems.”

      For me and thousands like me Pepitone is merely the best possible choice due to his support for choice on medical mandates. That’s it. Sliwa appears to be good on this issue as well but NOT ONE TIME did he stand with us publicly. I spoke to Sliwa’s campaign manager extensively for 3 days to have him speak at our massive August 25th protest. After 3 days of negotiations they said no. How can I endorse a candidate who refused to stand with me and my supporters when Pepitone has never once flinched at standing shoulder to shoulder with us?

      I appreciate Pepitone for being early, brave and consistent on this most critical issue of personal choice on medical procedures.

      However I do not believe conservatism is the be-all-end-all answer to all of NYC’s problems.

      Michael Kane


  2. What you are is a “Classical Liberal” who wants to help people.
    Those animals hace been extincted by the “Progressives” who have exposed themselves as Totalitarian Utopians with roots in the Frankfurt School, Gramsci, etc. You are right , they are ANYTHING but “progressive” in your sense of that word. Conservatives (not the Repub/Rino types) in essence believe in preserving what is good and adding in sensible progressive Changes in a natural rather than ideoligically compulsiry and violent way, while creating condutions for that change to happen by allowing FREEDOM. Freedom is something most Independent minded voters and normal not overly -politically brainwashed people can agree on ! We need a synthesis ofvthe best aspects of Luberalism and Conservatism IMHO. Cheers!


    1. Very well stated, thoughtful position. Thank you for adding to this dialogue and exchange of ideas.

      I would love to take this deeper into a number of areas – such as the analysis of the word itself – “FreeDOM” with ‘DOM’ coming from the word “dominion” which has to do with DOMINANCE. And in a very real sense, Americans (and many others around the world) view freeDOM as the ability to DOMINATE the other, dominate the land, dominate the environment, etc…

      While I prefer freeDOM to submission to ANOTHER’s domination I think you may be able to see the problem here. This is where, as a progressive, I defer to people such as Tiokasin Ghosthorse, a Lakota Native who questions the entire paradigm upon which Westerners like myself debate and “fight” for freeDOM.

      I do agree that the nature of the political “conservative” is to conserve that which is good. Unfortunately for many decades in American history that included the conservation of slavery and after its demise the conservation of racism. For decades if not centuries.

      Despite my nuanced critique here, and deepening of this dialogue, I want to end by again thanking you for a very important addition to this thread / conversation / dialogue and ongoing progression / evolution of whatever the hell it is we are doing in this space / state / country / planet etc… — Michael Kane


  3. Whether it is a Rhino or a Demorat we all need to stand united against this “Nazi” takeover. I support Bill Pepitone. Red and Blue make purple people! Let’s save our Freedoms and the children.

    Liberalism is just that! NY Democrats need to wake up!!!! Yesterday I am one of the ones who woke up.


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