Black Lives Matter NY and Teachers For Choice

“We can shutdown NYC over these vaccine mandates” – Hawk Newsome

by Michael Kane


The interview by Tramell Thompson of Hawk Newsome of Black Lives Matter (BLM) Greater New York and myself was dynamic and controversial. It was a great way to begin the conversation on how Medical Freedom Fighters like myself can build a coalition with BLM.

I immediately received both major praise and major criticism from other Medical Freedom activists over this interview. There are many who view Hawk’s disdain for the police as a non-starter for coalition building. At the same token, Hawk views embracing the police as a major deterrent for building a coalition with many Medical Freedom fighters.

Nevertheless Hawk was optimistic that we can find a way to struggle together.

Hawk has multiple issues with standing side-by-side with people holding “Thin Blue Line” flags. As everyone knows Hawk is a prominent activist against police brutality and is an outspoken abolitionist, meaning he believe the policing system as we know it should be abolished. In our interview he suggested that we brainstorm to figure out how we can struggle together while maintaining respect for BLM’s position against police and police brutality. If that can happen, Hawk believes we can cause NYC “so many headaches they would have to bend to our will” on ending vaccine passports and mandates.

I brought up the fact that the police are against the mandates as well – what an interesting political reality! A position that BLM Greater New York holds is the same as the PBA position.

I do not agree with Hawk on everything, but I stand with him and BLM Greater New York for their brave stance against vaccine mandates and passports. It is critical to note that BLM Greater New York has no affiliation with the national Black Lives Matter non-profit, which is essentially a supporter of vaccine mandates.

The potential coalition that is coming together could be one of the most impactful movements in NYC history. We can NOT let differences over other political issues stand in the way of us stopping the authoritarian tyranny of vaccine mandates and passports in NYC!

4 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter NY and Teachers For Choice

  1. I agree with Michael Kane that the anti-vaccine mandate tent is big enough to hold people with differing political persuasions. It’s crucial unity of this movement be preserved.


  2. What Michael Kane said about the government possibly wanting our society to crumble and turn to chaos, is something I thought of, as well. It could be a strategy to bring in more control.


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