Democrat George Diaz is Against Covid Vaccine Mandates

Diaz is calling for all City Workers to be Rehired with Back Pay

Running against Jeff Dinowitz in Bronx Democratic Primary


George Diaz is running against Jeff Dinowitz for his NY State Assembly seat in the Bronx. Many of you know Jeff Dinowitz has never met a vaccine he does not love and want to force inject into you and your children. He is the man who spearheaded the repeal of the religious exemption to vaccination for children in 2019 and he wants to force covid, flu and HPV vaccines on all kids to attend school as well as force the covid shot on all adults.

Diaz is not a perfect candidate for Health Freedom-minded people, however he is light years better than Dinowitz on issues of covid vaccination as he makes very clear in his below statement. There is basically no chance a Republican will win this important Assembly seat in the Bronx. The below press release states the following:

  • Diaz is against covid vaccination as a requirement of employment
  • Diaz is against covid vaccination as a requirement of attending any school
  • Diaz supports barring employers from mandating the covid shot(s)
  • Diaz is calling for all NYC workers fired for declining the covid shot to be rehired with back pay.

This is a great start. I thank Diaz for this statement and for coming to our press conference in Flushing Meadow Park today. Please explore his campaign further at – mk

(Note – the photo above is George Diaz on the left and Jeff Dinowitz on the right. Dinowitz is using his middle finger to pretend he is scratching his cheek. In actuality Dinowitz was giving the finger to parents who supported having a choice of whether to vaccinate their children or not back in 2019. This is the type of behavior Dinowitz is known for)


March 24, 2022

Media Release

Contact: George Diaz, Jr.


Mayor Adams makes hypocritical comments about altering COVID Vaccination Mandates for sports and entertainment events

Bronx Democratic Assembly Candidate, George Diaz, Jr. calls for rehiring people fired for non-compliance with COVID Vaccination Mandates

In January the Omicron variant of the COVID 19 virus threatened to set back all our collective progress on this pandemic. Over reliance on vaccinations and inconsistent policy and public information has resulted in failed leadership and put us all at risk.

It is our government’s responsibility to make decisions that are for the greater good instead of the convenience of those with influence on our elected officials. Vaccine mandates have been a singular focus for certain politicians who only seem to respond to lobbyists and economic factors while ignoring the needs of the communities who have been impacted the most.

How quickly we went from daily 7pm tributes for our heroic workforce to mass firings of these same health care workers. After having terminated thousands of City workers for not complying with forced vaccinations, the Mayor of this City sees fit to remove that mandate for his buddies in Sports and Entertainment. What kind of swag do you get in return for thousands of dollars in political contributions?  You get to bend the rules while others like our teachers, health care workers and laborers lose their livelihood and struggle to feed their families. Statewide, this issue has affected some of the most essential sectors of our workforce. If elected to the Assembly I will introduce legislation that would bar the Governor from instituting such mandates without the express approval of the state’s legislature. I believe the City Council should also draft such a proposal that would bar the mayor from instituting such mandates without their approval.

New Yorkers are smarter than politicians think. We can put two and two together. If this mandate is not scientifically justifiable for entertainers and sports teams or their lobbyists, then how can we justify losing more teachers, police officers, firefighters, court workers and other public employees for it?

Preventive measures need to be put into place to keep future outbreaks at bay and we also need contingency plans to effectively respond to emerging crises in a proactive way. My 10-point pandemic plan which includes having masks, gloves, and sanitary measures such as antibacterial liquid and waterless soap available at all public facilities, is attached.

I am calling for the rehiring of all employees who were terminated due to non-compliance with vaccination mandates pending a negative COVID test. Additionally, these employees should receive back pay for the time that they were out and not be penalized for any PTO days/ personal days, vacation days and such that they may have lost during this time while retaining any tenure or benefits such employees have earned for the time they have worked prior to losing their jobs.

In the meantime, fired and laid-off employees must receive the full unemployment benefits they’re allowed. All employees, whether vaccinated or not, should be subject to the same COVID testing policies. We cannot have a system that divides those who are vaccinated and unvaccinated, which has a negative effect on people who choose to not get vaccinated but are willing to comply with testing and/or mask policies.

Employees must be compensated for the time and expense of both testing and getting vaccinated, especially if this takes place during hours the employee would normally be at work. Employers must compensate the employees and the government must compensate the employers. If an employer refuses to compensate the employees, if the government refuses to compensate the employers, or the government refuses to compensate public employees, they should and must be subject to possible civil action.

No public facility for education on any level, elementary through graduate school, should have the right to bar students, staff, and faculty from attending because of non-compliance with vaccine mandates. This has been a detriment to our students stunting their educational potential. The state’s vaccination rate is over 70%. Mandates have been lifted across the state and more will be lifted in the coming months. The mayor is trying to appease businesses instead of what is beneficial to employees and students. I do not support mandatory booster shots. Neither the state nor employers should be allowed to require booster shots. The state should bar employers from making these demands on employees. Additionally, we must bar employers from making vaccination a requirement for hiring nor be allowed to ask about vaccination in an interview or application. It should and must be a choice for any individual whether they get the shot(s).


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