Great Message From a Loyal TFC Follower

7-25-22 Just a few days ago I received the below email from a long-time Teachers for Choice supporter. Very happy this person agreed to let me share it publicly (though asked to keep their identity concealed) *** “I would like to thank you and your legal team for holding judges accountable. Ever since your legalContinue reading “Great Message From a Loyal TFC Follower”

Democrat George Diaz is Against Covid Vaccine Mandates

Diaz is calling for all City Workers to be Rehired with Back Pay Running against Jeff Dinowitz in Bronx Democratic Primary 3-29-22 George Diaz is running against Jeff Dinowitz for his NY State Assembly seat in the Bronx. Many of you know Jeff Dinowitz has never met a vaccine he does not love and wantContinue reading “Democrat George Diaz is Against Covid Vaccine Mandates”

Why am I so EXCITED about the recent TRO?

by Michael Kane 9-16-21 First thing’s first – get your exemptions filed by Monday, September 20th. Now about the TRO: Some people think I am over-blowing the significance of the Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) recently granted to the MLC lawsuit stopping the September 27th de Blasio deadline of forced vaccination in the NYC DOE. TheyContinue reading “Why am I so EXCITED about the recent TRO?”