BREAKING NEWS: John Matland Wins in Court!

Matland will be on ballot challenging Nicole Malliotakis in Staten Island Congressional Primary

by Michael Kane


John Matland won a major victory in court yesterday against the Board of Elections (BOE) in Staten Island, NY. He is now officially on the ballot in the congressional Republican primary up against Nicole Milliotakis, who voted to repeal the religious exemption to vaccination for children to attend school on June 13, 2019. She was one of very few Republicans to vote in favor of repeal.

The BOE tried to throw out all of the signatures Matland collected to place him on the ballot. They claimed (with a straight face) that all of his signatures incorrectly listed the town as “Staten Island” when it should have been “New York.”

Any New Yorker knows how insanely laughable this is. If you place “New York, NY” as your address that is MANHATTAN. NO ONE in Staten Island does that – not even the Staten Island BOE itself. These were the straws they were grasping at to stop a grassroots insurgent candidate Malliotakis fears.

Thank God the judge laughed this ridiculous and immoral claim out of court!

Now Milliotakis will have to take on a real grassroots opponent who is a bona-fide medical freedom fighter. Matland, a former NYC Healthcare worker and 1199 Union member, was fired for declining covid vaccination and has been fighting against medical segregation in NYC ever since.

Below is his press release regarding his recent court victory:


John Matland | Press Release | May 18th

May 18, 2022

John wins in MATLAND V. CORRUPT ESTABLISHMENT to appear on 8/23 Primary ballot!

STATEN ISLAND, NEW YORK – May 18, 2022 – Today a ruling was issued from Kings County Supreme Court validating the original petition for candidate John Matland. “The Court rejected the political establishment’s attempt to use a hyper-technicality to keep John Matland off the ballot,” said Aaron Foldenauer, the election attorney who filed the lawsuit on Mr. Matland’s behalf.  “In his detailed opinion, the judge upheld prior court decisions which concluded that the technicality asserted by the New York City Board of Elections had absolutely no basis.”

The ruling became paramount when the petition in question became relevant and could be used to satisfy requirements for ballot placement with the new congressional maps. “Now that we have prevailed, voters of the 11th Congressional District will have a real choice in the Republican Primary, rather than coronating Nicole Malliotakis,” said Matland, “the establishment-controlled Board of Elections attempted to knock me out on a technicality, but we took them to court and won.” Matland will now officially appear on the ballot for the August 23rd primary barring an appeal out of the Malliotakis camp. Matland added, “The Malliotakis campaign are burning through their donation money in attempts to remove me from the ballot instead of having a fair primary, its honestly sad the lengths they’ll go to remove Republican voters from having a choice”. Nicole Malliotakis’ campaign had well over 2 million dollars at the end of Q1 and used the cash on hand to attempt to block John Matland from the ballot.

On April 26th, the NYC BOE unanimously disqualified Matland’s petition because the campaign volunteers had followed official NY State voter records while filling out the witness section. The supporters were outraged by this decision and lawsuit was filed on April 27th, MATLAND V. RINAUDO & BOE. The petition calls for the witnesses to fill out “Town or City where witness resides”; Staten Island witnesses filled in “Staten Island” due to their town being listed as such on their NY State official voter information. The claim was so egregious that the Honorable Peter Sweeney stated the following in his ruling, “Indeed, to remove [John Matland] from the ballot on the hyper-technicality that Staten Island is not a town or city would lead to a great injustice and would tarnish the public’s perception of the electoral process.”

John also mentioned having a network in place to start getting signatures again in the event of an appeal, a move he states would likely damage the Malliotakis campaign reputation beyond repair while already facing dwindling favorability.

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