May 16 Rally in Albany NY Against Medical Mandates


by Michael Kane

Hundreds of people rallied in Albany, NY against mandates on May 16, 2022 led by the voices of Dr. Harvey Risch of Yale University and Dr. Paul Alexander of the Unity Project. You can watch both these titans of science give their speeches on CHD.TV at the following link:

After nearly 2 dozen speakers over close to 3 hours, the protesters took their grievances inside the halls of power in Albany. A vaccine passport or negative covid test is required to see our elected officials. Instead of showing our papers we made a lot of noise:

The event was a huge success! People came from all across the state to support the rally even though the weather forecast was horrific – thunderstorms, hail and a TORNADO WATCH!

Mary Holland, Sujata Gibson, Bobbie Anne Cox, Dr. Joel Wallskog, Jo Speaks Truth, Mo Oliver, Stephanie Loccrichio, John Gilmore, Rabbi Zev Epstein, Rev. Aaron Lewis and so many more amazing speakers delivered intelligent messages of truth, unity and power. Here are some pictures from May 16, 2022 in Albany, NY:

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