Critical Info for Primary Voting on Tuesday June 28 in NY

6-23-22 EVERYONE who voted YES (Y) to repeal the religious exemption to vaccination for kids back in 2019 must be voted out in these primary races. KEEP IN MIND — YOU ARE ONLY VOTING FOR TWO POSITIONS IN THE TUESDAY JUNE 28 PRIMARY GOVERNOR STATE ASSEMBLY REPS The State Senate primary and federal Congressional primaryContinue reading “Critical Info for Primary Voting on Tuesday June 28 in NY”

BREAKING NEWS: John Matland Wins in Court!

Matland will be on ballot challenging Nicole Malliotakis in Staten Island Congressional Primary by Michael Kane 5/19/22 John Matland won a major victory in court yesterday against the Board of Elections (BOE) in Staten Island, NY. He is now officially on the ballot in the congressional Republican primary up against Nicole Milliotakis, who voted toContinue reading “BREAKING NEWS: John Matland Wins in Court!”