Why Zeldin Lost in New York

Parental Rights & Medical Freedom by Michael Kane 11-15-22 Lee Zeldin was the gubernatorial candidate for parental rights and medical freedom in New York this election cycle and it was an honor to endorse him, campaign with him, and promote him on all Teachers for Choice platforms. However The GOP in New York made aContinue reading “Why Zeldin Lost in New York”

Amazing Campaign by Andrew Giuliani!

Teachers for Choice 6-29-22 Clearly and without question no candidate in the New York primary election did more for the Medical Freedom Movement than Andrew Giuliani. Being unvaccinated and unapologetic, he was banned from 2 out of the 3 major TV debate stages having to attend remotely. He was the only candidate to discuss theContinue reading “Amazing Campaign by Andrew Giuliani!”

Lee Zeldin on Medical Freedom

Why Teachers for Choice Endorsed Zeldin to be Governor of New York 6-26-22 On May 11th, Teachers for Choice participated in a Zoom call with Congressman Lee Zeldin where he answered our questions for over an hour. He outlined his full support of medical freedom if he becomes Governor of New York to more thanContinue reading “Lee Zeldin on Medical Freedom”

Help Lee Zeldin Win the Republican Primary Tues 6-28-22

Teachers for Choice has endorsed Lee Zeldin for Governor Now he needs YOUR HELP! Super Saturday Blitz! All registered Republicans need to vote this Tuesday, June 28th for LEE ZELDIN. If you are not a Republican, you can still HELP! Here are two SUPER SATURDAY events on Long Island that you can volunteer for toContinue reading “Help Lee Zeldin Win the Republican Primary Tues 6-28-22”

Teachers for Choice¬†Endorses Lee Zeldin for Governor of New York

6-23-22 NY Teachers for Choice fully endorses Lee Zeldin to be the next Governor of New York! Teachers for Choice (TFC) is 100% opposed to medical mandates to maintain employment. In addition we fully support the right of parents to make all medical decisions for their children with no penalties. We are convinced that LeeContinue reading “Teachers for Choice¬†Endorses Lee Zeldin for Governor of New York”

NY Educators Meet Lee Zeldin Weds 5-11-22 8pm

Candidate for Governor of New York State 5-6-22 New York Gubernatorial Candidate Lee Zeldin wants to meet the Teachers & Educators of New York State, whether you are currently employed, on unpaid leave, or recently terminated. All New Yorkers are welcome to attend. Join us on Wednesday, May 11 at 8pm for a Zoom callContinue reading “NY Educators Meet Lee Zeldin Weds 5-11-22 8pm”