What about the Democrat Primary this Tuesday?

We can’t endorse any Democrat for Governor

…but we have some picks for Assembly


Registered Democrats who support Teachers for Choice have been reaching out to us asking who to vote for in the Democratic primary this Tuesday June 28

For ASSEMBLY MEMBERS please get our recommendations here.

For GOVERNOR we have no recommendation. Here’s why.

The “least worst” candidate is Suozzi. He has spoken out against in-school masking of children and some of the covid mandates calling himself a “common sense” Democrat. However he never once responded to our simple question of whether he would fight to have fired workers get their jobs back with backpay. We also have no clue where he stands on parental rights to have full control over medical procedures for their children without suffering any penalties.

We can’t endorse any of these candidates.

We only have one endorsement for Governor of New York in the primary and general election:


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