Lee Zeldin on Medical Freedom

Why Teachers for Choice Endorsed Zeldin to be Governor of New York


On May 11th, Teachers for Choice participated in a Zoom call with Congressman Lee Zeldin where he answered our questions for over an hour. He outlined his full support of medical freedom if he becomes Governor of New York to more than 300 people on the call. You can read our report covering what Zeldin had to say here:

Lee Zeldin Addresses 300 Educators, Workers and Medical Freedom Fighters

Lee Zeldin has pledged to:

  • End the covid emergency on day one as Governor
  • End all covid mandates on day one as Governor
  • Rehire all fired state workers on day one as Governor
  • Never support vaccine passports
  • Use the full weight and leverage of his office to rehire fired workers with backpay
  • End mask mandates, which he called “child abuse”
  • End all SUNY / CUNY covid vaccine mandates for staff and students
  • Supports religious exemptions to vaccination for children and adults
  • Support the right of every New Yorker to say no to any medical procedure
  • Recognize the superiority of natural immunity over vaccine-induced immunity

Less than a month later on June 8th, Zeldin reiterated the most critical points he made on the Zoom call in an interview with Breitbart.

Our Zoom call was not the first time Congressman Zeldin has spoken out against forced medical mandates. Back in December of 2021 Zeldin called then-NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio’s vaccine mandates for workers and “key to the city” vaccine passport program illegal. On February 10th, Zeldin called for Governor Hochul’s “Covid Camp” isolation regulation to be struck down before it was signed. He has that posted on his campaign website.

Teachers for Choice is not the only grassroots group to endorse Zeldin for Governor. Long Island’s Loud Majority and Voices for Seniors have as well, along with dozens of unions, prominent pundits, elected officials as well as the NY POST.

On Tuesday June 28th every registered Republican needs to vote for Congressman Lee Zeldin to be the next Governor of the state of New York!

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