Amazing Campaign by Andrew Giuliani!

Teachers for Choice


Clearly and without question no candidate in the New York primary election did more for the Medical Freedom Movement than Andrew Giuliani. Being unvaccinated and unapologetic, he was banned from 2 out of the 3 major TV debate stages having to attend remotely. He was the only candidate to discuss the real science surrounding covid in the debates, including such topics as natural immunity and the vaccine’s inability to prevent transmission. He did so articulately, eloquently and powerfully!

Andrew Giuliani stood with the grassroots activists of NYC’s Medical Freedom Movement with pride and strength. He shared his platform with us and shined a bright light on the injustice and discrimination happening to all unvaccinated New Yorkers.

Giuliani ran an impressive campaign on a tight budget solidifying a definitive second place finish. It is clear he is a rising force in the New York Republican Party. Giuliani has endorsed Lee Zeldin to be the next governor of New York.

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