Public Comment at Suffolk County Health Committee

Medical Freedom Activists Talk Mandates and are Well Received

by Michael Kane


On July 21 the Suffolk County Legislature’s Health Committee held a public comment session that many Medical Freedom activists spoke at including myself, John Gilmore, Jo Speaks Truth, Greg Fischer, Joy Amanda and many more. I greatly thank Leslie Kennedy, who is the Health Committee chairwoman, for holding the session and for the manor in which she conducted the entire proceeding.

Something fascinating happened that day.

Once Medical Freedom Fighters began to talk, everyone found some way to tie their concerns into the mandates. One notable example was a mother whose son died of a fentanyl overdose. She stated that her son lost his job due to the vaccine mandate and from that point forward he went downhill, eventually relapsing and dying of an overdose. Even though she didn’t come to speak on mandates, it still impacted her family gravely.

Watch entire hearing here –

My comments come at 31:52, and below is the transcript of my statement:


Statement made on July 21, 2022 at the Suffolk County Legislature Health Committee Meeting

Hello my name is Michael Kane. I am the founder of Teachers for Choice which is a New York statewide grassroots association of teachers who oppose medical mandates as requirements for employment. I am also the Grassroots Organizer for Children’s Health Defense.

I was a NYC special education teacher for over 14 years but was removed from my job, then fired, for nothing more than declining covid vaccination. I am currently suing NYC for firing me and hundreds of educators as the lead plaintiff in a federal lawsuit known as Kane v. de Blasio.

Today I come to you with two messages on public health

1. The pharmaceutical industry, the NIH, the CDC and the FDA cannot be trusted.

2. There should be no mandates for anyone, adult or child.

On my first point please do not take my word for it, but rather we should listen to Dr. Marty Makary of Johns Hopkins University. Dr. Makary is one of the most eminent public health experts on the planet. He writes for the Wall St. Journal and served in leadership at the World Health Organization. Makary recently stated that there is a mass exodus from the NIH, CDC and FDA over the ridiculous recent approvals of covid shots for children aged 6 months to 5 years old. This includes the three top researchers of the vaccine research center at the NIH. According to Makary the data that was submitted for the approval process was contradictory and incoherent.

Makary recently stated;

“In the subgroup of children aged six months to two years, the [Pfizer] trial found that the vaccine could result in a 99% lower chance of infection —  but that they also could have a 370% increased chance of being infected.

“In other words, Pfizer reported a range of vaccine efficacy so wide that no conclusion could be inferred. No reputable medical journal would accept such sloppy and incomplete results with such a small sample size. More to the point, these results should have given pause to those who are in charge of public health.”

But it didn’t give pause. Instead the vaccine was approved for use with ridiculous, contradictory data.

“It’s like a horror movie I’m being forced to watch and I can’t close my eyes,” said one senior official with the FDA. “People are getting bad advice and we can’t say anything.”

That comment was one of many culled from calls and text messages between officials and Dr. Marty Makary himself. Makary recently published this information with coauthor Dr. Tracy Beth Hoeg.

In addition to this the FDA recently asked a judge to hide all of the science and data that Pfizer had submitted to have their covid vaccine approved for Emergency Use Authorization for the next 75 years! This was reported in Bloomberg Law. Thank god the FDA was denied that request, and the documents are now being revealed to the public.

Based on what I just stated and provided for the record today, my second point is self-evident: there should be no mandates for anyone, adult or child. The agencies that are tasked with analyzing the science to make these decisions have been captured, corrupted, and are untrustworthy.

All medical decisions must be presented to all Americans with informed consent, and that means the right to refuse any and every medical intervention without any persecution or punishment.

Thank you so much for this opportunity, for your time and your attention.

Michael Kane


All originals sources can be found at the following article in THE DEFENDER: 

‘Like a Horror Movie’: Top Scientists Alarmed and Embarrassed by Agencies Failure to Follow the Science on COVID:   

Why a Judge Ordered FDA to Release Covid-19 Vaccine Data Pronto; 

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