Bobbie Anne Cox talks “Covid Camps” with Lee Zeldin

Assemblyman Mike Lawler, Attorney Bobbie Anne Cox & Congressman Lee Zeldin at a rally in Westchester on July 24

by Michael Kane


On Sunday, July 24 Lee Zeldin’s “SAVE OUR STATE” bus tour stopped for a rally in Westchester where Assemblyman Mike Lawler spoke and mentioned Uniting NYS’s recent victory in court.

“It was really fantastic to hear Mike Lawler talk about our win against Kathy Hochul in court,” said attorney Bobbie Anne Cox. “And it was a pleasure to speak with Lee Zeldin and his campaign about our recent victory. It was very well received. I look forward to working with Zeldin and his campaign to get the message out that Hochul is determined to destroy the liberties and freedoms of all New Yorkers.”

Cox recently defeated Governor Hochul in NY State Court getting her “Covid Camps” regulation overturned. Hochul has filed her intent to appeal with the court, signifying that she is determined to overturn the Supreme Court decision and give herself and her Department of Health the right to detain New Yorkers with no evidence, no due process, indefinitely.

Congressman Lee Zeldin who is running against Hochul for Governor of New York has clearly and publicly expressed his disapproval of this regulation which unnecessarily and illegally expands New York’s isolation and quarantine powers. On February 10, the very day Hochul approved the regulation, Zeldin wrote the following:

This regulation will only serve to stoke fear in New Yorkers who don’t want the government to have complete control over their lives. Today, during the Department of Health’s meeting, they should unequivocally strike down this regulation as an assault on New Yorkers’ personal freedom. Kathy Hochul should immediately end all COVID mandates instead of chasing ways to expand her unilateral power.”

Read Zeldin’s full statement against this regulation on his campaign website:

After Cox was victorious in court, Zeldin tweeted his support for the correct ruling of the judge:


Bobbie Anne Cox with Lee Zeldin at rally in Westchester, NY

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