NY Workers for Choice at City Hall

Part 1


Poll Shows NY Supports Rehiring Fired Workers!

By Michael Kane


NY Workers for Choice held a press conference with the bi-partisan Common Sense Caucus on the steps of City Hall this past Friday, after which testimony was given inside City Hall regarding vaccine mandates and City worker shortages. Workers for Choice represents all New York workers who’ve been fired or banned for declining covid vaccination.

The presser was covered by CBS, PIX 11 and NY1 who all provided immediate favorable coverage to the workers’ plight. Thousands of NYC Workers have been fired & banned from their jobs for declining the covid shot. PIX 11 reported the results of a poll they conducted with Emerson College showing the majority of New Yorkers feel those fired for declining the covid shot should be rehired.

52% of those polled said fired employees should get their jobs back, 30% said they shouldn’t, and 19% had no opinion.

Council members Joe Borelli, Vickie Paladino, Joann Ariola, Bob Holden and David Carr were all present at the press conference. Inna Vernikov was unable to attend but she did have a staff member address the press conference.

Additionally UFA vice president Robert Eustace showed up and spoke in support of fired firefighters. Recently legendary NYC labor reporter Bob Hennlley of Labor Press and WBAI 99.5 fm had UFA president Andy Ansbro on his morning radio show speaking out in support of fired and banned firefighters. Hennlley was in attendance at the press conference at City Hall as well.

Many passionate workers gave testimony on the steps of City Hall, including NYC educator Joy Amanda:


Michael Kane with Queens Councilwoman Vickie Padino


Kane with Councilman Bob Holden


Paul Schweitt and Sophy Medina with UFA VP Robert Eustace


Kozi & Kane
Councilwoman Joann Ariola with Mawuli “Mo” Olivier of Educators for Freedom

PART 2, “WE INSIDE” coming soon

8 thoughts on “NY Workers for Choice at City Hall

  1. Hi Michael,

    Where are these statistics? I would like to publish them on my social media especially since so many people don’t know what’s going on. It’s shameful that they have been silent especially if they are friends and family.




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