Fired Court Clerk in Dead Heat NY Assembly Election

by Michael Kane


Chris Sperber is in a dead heat for Assembly District 11 (Long Island) against incumbent Democrat Kim Jean-Pierre.

Teachers for Choice endorsed Sperber.

I did not think Sperber stood a good chance in his Democrat-leaning district, but he has certainly (and thankfully) proven me wrong!

On June 13, 2019 Kim Jean-Pierre kicked 26,000 children out of all New York Schools by voting to repeal the religious exemption to vaccination for children. Chris Sperber was recently fired from his job as a senior court clerk when he declined covid vaccination and his religious exemption to vaccination was denied.

The last count published in this race showed 95% of the vote counted:

Jean-Pierre – 17,939: 50.2%

Sperber – 17,803: 49.8%

Sperber texted the following to me yesterday:

“Absentee ballots can be counted through Tuesday (11-15-22). The recount is underway”

Chris was a senior court clerk who declined covid vaccination and was fired because of this. I first met him on the steps of City Hall when we invited him to speak with NY Workers for Choice, Councilwoman Vickie Paladino and the Common Sense Caucus.

“In support of all workers fired or forced to early retirement due to vaccine mandates I stand with you, and vow to fight all illegal mandates going forward,” said Chris Sperber.

We wish good luck and send our prayers to Chris Sperber and his campaign!

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