Kane Invites Mike Mulgrew and UFT to City Hall Press Conference

Email Sent to Mulgrew, Weingarten, and all UFT VPs COME TO OUR PRESS CONFERENCE 9-28-22, get al details HERE *** SUBJECT: PRESS CONFERENCE INVITATION: City Hall, Wednesday 9-28, 1pm SENT ON 9-26-22, 12:25pm SENT TO: Michael Mulgrew <mmulgrew@uft.org>,LeRoy Barr <lbarr@uft.org>,Michael Sill <msill@uft.org>,dpenny@uft.org,tbrown@uft.org,kalford@uft.org,mginese@uft.org,agoldman@uft.org,lgordon@uft.org,Janella Hinds <jhinds@uft.org>,rmantell@uft.org,mvaccaro@uft.org,“Randi Weingarten, Office of the President” <rweingar@aft.org> cc: Susan Edelman (NY POST),Continue reading “Kane Invites Mike Mulgrew and UFT to City Hall Press Conference”

NY Workers for Choice MARCH in NYC Labor Day Parade

Randi Weingarten would not engage Michael Kane Watch us march HERE by Michael Kane 9-11-22 On September 10, 2022, NY Workers for Choice (NYWC) marched in the NYC Labor Day Parade up 5th Ave. chanting “End all mandates: Let Us Work!” When we first arrived we walked across 47th St. where the United Federation ofContinue reading “NY Workers for Choice MARCH in NYC Labor Day Parade”

NY Workers for Choice at City Hall

Part 1 “WE OUTSIDE” Poll Shows NY Supports Rehiring Fired Workers! By Michael Kane 9-10-22 NY Workers for Choice held a press conference with the bi-partisan Common Sense Caucus on the steps of City Hall this past Friday, after which testimony was given inside City Hall regarding vaccine mandates and City worker shortages. Workers forContinue reading “NY Workers for Choice at City Hall”