Kane Invites Mike Mulgrew to CHD TV Interview and Steps of City Hall

SUBJECT: Invitations to Mike Mulgrew from Michael Kane

SENT 10-5-22, 5:24 am

SENT TO: Michael Mulgrew <mmulgrew@uft.org>,
LeRoy Barr <lbarr@uft.org>,
Michael Sill <msill@uft.org>,
Janella Hinds <jhinds@uft.org>,
“Randi Weingarten, Office of the President” <rweingar@aft.org>

CC: Entire Teachers for Choice Steering Committee


Good morning Mr. Mulgrew.

Yesterday I had a very productive, professional live interview with Randi Weingarten regarding vaccine mandates and fired educators. I greatly appreciate her time and the conversation we had. In light of this I would like to extend two invitations to you:

1. I would like for you to be a guest on my show to discuss vaccine mandates and 1,950 fired NYC educators

2. I invite you to stand with us on the steps of City Hall in support of fired NYC Educators on October 12 at 9 am

The UFT has now gone on record saying if the private sector vaccine mandate is struck down in NYC the public sector mandate must be as well. Teachers for Choice appreciates this common sense position and we ask that you stand with us on the steps of City Hall on October 12 and help us fight to get back the livelihoods that were unfairly ripped away from us that we deserve back.

It would be fantastic if you could also come on my show for us to have a conversation similar to the one I just had with Randi. You can watch the interview, or read about it, at the following link: https://teachersforchoice.org/2022/10/04/michael-kane-interviews-randi-weingarten-on-nyc-teacher-vaccine-mandates/

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Michael Kane

Founder www.TeachersForChoice.org

One thought on “Kane Invites Mike Mulgrew to CHD TV Interview and Steps of City Hall

  1. I love the outreach. You hit it out of the park with Randi Weingarten on Tuesday. Keep doing what you are doing.😊


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