Lee Zeldin and Jimmy Levy Rally for Freedom in NYC!

Saturday, October 22, 12 noon in Manhattan on Broadway next to City Hall Park

Press Release


The fight for Medical Freedom in NYC continues this Saturday as Lee Zeldin and Jimmy Levy will rally on Broadway next to City Hall Park with hundreds, if not thousands of supporters.

The rally is sponsored by NY FREEDOM RALLY, DVS 7.0, NY Workers for Choice, Teachers for Choice, Educators for Freedom, Bravest for Choice, and roughly a dozen more grassroots organizations. Bravest for Choice will be marching over the Brooklyn Bridge to join the rally. They will be meeting at 9 MetroTech Plaza in Brooklyn at 10 am, starting the march by 10:30 am. This will be the 1-year commemoration of the march Bravest led with over 20,000 people in opposition to medical mandates.

Lee Zeldin is the Republican and Conservative Parties nominee to be the next Governor of New York. He has clearly and unequivocally stated he supports medical freedom and is opposed to medical mandates. This is the closest a Republican candidate has been to winning the highest office of the state in over two decades as his campaign continues to gain speed and momentum. Real Clear Politics recently changed it’s rating for the New York race for Governor to “toss up.”

Jimmy Levy is a world famous Billboard Charting recording artist whose hits include Welcome to the Revolution, This is a War, and God Over Government. His Instagram account that had over 800,000 followers was taken down by Meta just days before the NYC Freedom Rally.

Other speakers and performers this Saturday will include NY Senatorial Candidate Joe Pinion, NY Assembly Candidate Cara Castronuoava, Joe Speaks Truth, Joy Amanda, Sophy Medina, Kozi-19, Blexit’s Dion Powell and many more.

5 thoughts on “Lee Zeldin and Jimmy Levy Rally for Freedom in NYC!

  1. Benny Johnson @bennyjohnson BREAKING: @NYCMayor Eric Adams Official Reveals Admin Has ‘No Sympathy’ For Public Sector Employees Forced Out of Jobs Due to COVID Vaccine Mandate “They chose not to do a very very harmless thing…Fk ’em!” “Fking deal with it.” #NYCLeakshttps://www.facebook.com/hashtag/nycleaks?__eep__=6&__cft__%5B0%5D=AZXU_QuFtPgFURGbF8IrnRFeocelrEheTaTgLaBTAKOE16QjrAPdpluaNmpZVSY4sNjJ3lEDzStLK5YivU_LU52bGMmBJfpTvAT3bTRCPkqS2qDsyQAMYSUwIFI7PtAhAIGQmO-DSlsGDiUVGyXveIffLzaiw9ilvBwRTqMtU0NwQg&__tn__=*NK-R


  2. If there is no other rally you attend, THIS IS THE ONE! We are doomed to a medically tyrannical state of Hochul is elected. Time to FIGHT LIKE HELL


  3. Mr. Zeldin is a clear and honest choice for all those concerned with restoring liberty to our medical choices and banning mandates, lockdowns, and other infringements upon our rights. Our group (regimechangeforny@gmail.com) is dedicated to electing viable candidates to the NY state legislature who will go to Albany and fight for our rights. Five such candidates: Sam Pirozzolo in Staten Island, and Vito La Bella, Dmitriy Kugel, Alec Brook-Krasny, and Michael Novakhov in Brooklyn can win in November, and ensure that the Democrats will not be able to override Lee Zeldin’s stands on the issues.


  4. Hey Mike

    I believe this is my eighth letter like this one. They have to keep reassigning me to the same school because of their agreement with my lawyer. Do you believe my case is still pending since October of 2021? I wonder if they already know something that we don’t know already. Could be about your case or that of the sanitation workers. Are we asking for our pension time as well as our jobs and back pay? I put the stuff about the Vax requirement in a bigger font so it would stand out. It seems they are no longer asking for two shots, only a commitment to take the first one.


    Jim H


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