NYC Teacher Rachelle Garcia on NEWSMAX


by Michael Kane


I have been interviewed and booking interviews of NYC Medical Freedom Fighters for almost 2 years. I have never seen one of our people interviewed for nearly 10 minutes on a national news platform like NEWSMAX.

Until today with Rachelle Garcia.

Rachelle Garcia was fired as an NYC elementary school teacher for declining covid vaccination. She has been interviewed by FOX and NEWSMAX multiple times in the past month as well as being by the NY POST. Her NY POST interview was picked up by Russel Brand and amplified on his platforms. Rachelle is compelling, dynamic, and I believe she is Eric Adams worst nightmare.

2 thoughts on “NYC Teacher Rachelle Garcia on NEWSMAX

  1. So great! So interesting how the news anchor keeps bringing it back to “mandates” and not the “Vaccine”, as the stations are so influenced by big Pharma. Thanks for all your great work!



  2. Teachers are municipal employees. They are hired by NYC via the DOE. Why does this ruling not apply to teachers? The UFT belongs to the MLC ( municipal labor committee)


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