NYC Teacher Rachelle Garcia on NEWSMAX

AMAZING 10 MINUTE INTERVIEW ON NYC VACCINE MANDATES! by Michael Kane 10-26-22 I have been interviewed and booking interviews of NYC Medical Freedom Fighters for almost 2 years. I have never seen one of our people interviewed for nearly 10 minutes on a national news platform like NEWSMAX. Until today with Rachelle Garcia. Rachelle GarciaContinue reading “NYC Teacher Rachelle Garcia on NEWSMAX”

Fired Teacher Rachelle Garcia Takes on “Eric” Adams

by Michael Kane 9-20-22 Rachelle Garcia was on Fox & Friends National News this morning where she challenged Mayor Adams saying “Eric” doesn’t know how to run the city, and she won’t call him mayor because “he is not my mayor.” Rachelle was recently fired from her job as a public school teacher in NYCContinue reading “Fired Teacher Rachelle Garcia Takes on “Eric” Adams”