Brad Hoylman and Fauci throw Shots at Lee Zeldin

Two Ginormous Big Pharma Puppets

by Michael Kane


Brad Hoylman is Big Pharma’s #1 puppet in the New York State Senate, so he has decided to pop his head up to throw some shade at Lee Zeldin (on behalf of Fauci and their Big Pharma masters).

Did you know Hoylman never met a vaccine he didn’t love and desire to force inject into your kids – and you as well? His counterpart in the Assembly, Jeff Dinowitz, proposed bill A8378 last year to force the covid shot on every child to attend school. Kathy Hochul was quoted in the NY Post saying she was going to mandate the covid vaccine for kids. We showed up in Albany with thousands of our friends and stopped that from happening.

If Kathy Hochul wins the election, Dinowitz will reintroduce his bill in the Assembly and Hoylman will introduce a companion bill in the Senate to force covid shots on students to attend school. Mark my word.

Hoylman has never met a vaccine he doesn’t love, including Merck’s Gardasil vaccine for HPV. This vaccine is said to protect against the transmission of an STD, yet Hoylman has sponsored bills to force every 11-year-old in New York to be to take it to attend school. Gardasil is linked to multiple adverse reactions including infertility problems, paralysis and death. Children are at zero risk of transmitting HPV to their peers while in school, but if this vaccine is forced on children it will make Merck a ton of money.

Brad Hoylman’s husband David Sigal has held investments in Merck’s stock (see pg 16). Sigal’s mother Ellen Sigal (Brad Hoylman’s mother in law) is a colleague of Doug Lowy who co-invented Merck’s Gardasil HPV vaccine. Sigal & Lowy have sat on multiple advisory boards together including scientific advisors to the National Cancer Institute as well as colleagues in the Cancer Moonshot Program. It is extremely questionable to see Hoylman support forcing 11-year-olds to be injected with the HPV vaccine to attend school when his mother-in-law’s friend and colleague will get a major financial benefit from that law.

Hoylman also supports allowing students to be vaccinated and prescribed medicine in school without parental knowledge or consent. Hoylman was the sponsor of Senate bill S3899a which would have allowed students to be injected with Merck’s HPV vaccine, the HEP-B vaccine as well as be prescribed risky medications without any parental knowledge or consent.

And it doesn’t stop there.

Brad Hoylman has also supported making flu vaccines mandatory for every child in New York State to go to school up till age 18. That would be at least 13 more vaccines in a student’s lifetime to attend public school. While there are many different scientific opinions on just how effective the flu vaccine actually is, this will certainly be very lucrative for pharmaceutical companies that manufacture them.

Now we have bill A9963 which will allow for a child to consent to any medical procedure without parental knowledge or consent. If this bill becomes law, there will be NO parental rights in New York any longer. I’m willing to bet if Kathy Hochul wins the upcoming election, and the Democrats keep their super-majority, Hoylman will be supporting this completely insane bill; authoring or sponsoring a Senate companion bill.

Vote for Lee Zeldin to make sure Hoylman’s obsession with forced medical procedures on adults and children can no longer expand.

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