URGENT NY Take Action: Vote Tues. on Adult vax database & STD shots for minors

from Autism Action Network NY we need to take urgent action THIS WEEKEND and on Monday, and you must come to Albany on Tuesday, May 16, to stop two extremely bad vaccine bills that are on the agenda of the Assembly Health Committee meeting scheduled for Tuesday. The agenda for the Assembly Health Committee meetingsContinue reading “URGENT NY Take Action: Vote Tues. on Adult vax database & STD shots for minors”

Minor Consent Vaccine Bill Looms as Activists Head Back To Albany NY 5-16-23

Press Advisory Updated 5-15-23 Dozens of New York Grassroots groups are headed to Albany, NY on May 16, on the very day the Assembly Health Committee is voting to let minors get vaccinated without parental knowledge or consent. The activists are calling this the Time for Medical Freedom Rally. Bill A276a sponsored by Assemblywoman AmyContinue reading “Minor Consent Vaccine Bill Looms as Activists Head Back To Albany NY 5-16-23”

Accusations of Psychosis for Freedom

New York Teacher undergoes forced exam; accused of being psychotic for her beliefs on medical mandates. Teachers for Choice Exclusive Teachers for Choice kindly asks for everyone’s prayers for Noelle Florio. Who knows which one of us will be the next to be labeled with a false diagnosis of “psychosis” for defending Medical Freedom. 3-17-23Continue reading “Accusations of Psychosis for Freedom”

Dr. Meryl Nass and Michael Kane on FOX & FRIENDS

Letter from DOCTORS to LAWMAKERS *** Watch full interview here: https://www.foxnews.com/video/6319275211112 Read the letter here: https://childrenshealthdefense.org/community-forum/statement-from-medical-professionals-supporting-parental-rights-and-medical-freedom/ Medical Professionals SIGN this letter here: https://childrenshealthdefense.org/community-forum/statement-from-medical-professionals-supporting-parental-rights-and-medical-freedom/#sign-the-list 1-26-23 Dr. Meryl Nass and Michael Kane were on FOX & FRIENDS to discuss a letter published by Children’s Health Defense signed by over 500 physicians and medical professionals, and that numberContinue reading “Dr. Meryl Nass and Michael Kane on FOX & FRIENDS”

Going Back to Your Statehouse!

The Medical Freedom Voting Bloc is Real! It’s time to educate and engage your local state lawmakers By Michael Kane 11-29-22 Stand for Health Freedom announced there was a sweep for medical freedom candidates in the 2022 midterm elections, especially in local state-wide offices. The majority of vaccine-related policies are passed on the state level.Continue reading “Going Back to Your Statehouse!”

Medical Freedom Infiltration

The Bonita Report by Michael Kane 11-10-22 Back in February of this year I was the first member of the Medical Freedom Community to put my name to public criticisms of Carolina Bonita, aka Carolina Galvan, aka Patricia Rodriguez (her real name). You can read my post about Carolina here: Teachers for Choice Disavows OperationContinue reading “Medical Freedom Infiltration”

Over 20 Times Lee Zeldin Publicly Supported Medical Freedom

Full documentation of Zeldin’s Support for Medical Freedom by Michael Kane Lee Zeldin has 100% committed to a Medical Freedom platform in his run for New York Governor. He has made multiple on-the-record statements that prove this and I have included many of them in this report. Since at least December of 2021 Zeldin hasContinue reading “Over 20 Times Lee Zeldin Publicly Supported Medical Freedom”

Lee Zeldin Medical Freedom Tweet Goes Viral!

Zeldin states “I Respect Medical Freedom” INFORMED CONSENT is the way forward! by Michael Kane 8-01-22 Many leaders in the New York Republican Party believe the two big issues of the election this year are crime and inflation. While these certainly are paramount, medical mandates represents an equally important voting bloc this year. Here isContinue reading “Lee Zeldin Medical Freedom Tweet Goes Viral!”