Where we are meeting on January 10th in Albany NY

We will be meeting in the North Concourse (circled in yellow) indoors, at 10am in Empire State Plaza. The easiest way to enter is through the Robert Abrams Building on State St. If you enter on Madison Ave. you have a long walk through the South Concourse to get to the North Concourse

Bring your signs and banners but they should not be on sticks as when we go to enter the Capitol and Legislative Office Building (LOB) security will not allow any sticks in. To get a larger, better picture of the above layout download the following PDF:

Click to access empire-state-plaza-concourse-and-plaza-level-maps_0.pdf

2 thoughts on “Where we are meeting on January 10th in Albany NY

  1. Hooray!!!! for all those courageous people who stand for freedom and fight for their rights!!! Hopefully, they can change the vaccine mandate, and put all of those who lost their jobs back to work with back pay. The vaccine and the bad side effects that are coming out and down the road other bad effects, it’s shameful, when you hear about a healthy child who after taking the vaccine gets crippled for the rest of her life and myocardia on healthy children is unacceptable! What other bad effects will happen to those who received the vaccine down the road?


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