Format for Letter to Albany Law Makers

Write this letter to your lawmakers on why you are against mandates and forced vaccination, print 5 copies of it and bring with you (preferably in envelopes) to deliver to the following people:

  2. Your SENATOR
  3. The Speaker of the House Carl Heastie
  4. Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins
  5. Governor Kathy Hochul


Here is how you write your letter:

This letter should not be more than 1 page, and can be 3 simple paragraphs.

Paragraph 1 – INTRODUCE YOURSELF. Who you are, any organizations you are affiliated with and how you are connected to your community. Civic organizations, PTA, volunteer work, babysitting, dog walking, community center work, YMCA, etc… anything to show you are connected with your community.


Paragraph 2 – TELL YOUR STORY – Make sure to tell your elected official about YOUR EXPERIENCE with mandates and issues of parental rights,

Such as,

I am a mother whose child was kicked off the baseball team for no covid shot…

I am a teacher who was fired ….

I am fully vaccinated but unfortunately experienced an injury…

I am fully vaccinated but can’t stand the discrimination I am seeing happen to unvaccinated friends and family

My child was injured by a vaccine when….


Paragraph 3 – YOU VOTE FOR MEDICAL FREEDOM. This final paragraph is just to thank them for their time, ask to meet with them in their local neighborhood office, and let them know that you only vote for candidates who support parental rights and medical freedom.

7 thoughts on “Format for Letter to Albany Law Makers

  1. I hate to say that any requests of the legislators are likely to fall on deaf ears. These lawmakers think of themselves and not their constituents. While you may have been fired from your city job they just approved a 39% raise for themselves.  Some lawmakers. Just what we all needed.Sent via the Samsung Galaxy S10+, an AT&T 5G Evolution capable smartphone


    1. I don’t agree.

      And the reason why is we voted about a dozen pro-mandate lawmakers out in 2022 elections, and another dozen just BARELY held on to their seats. Many (not all) of the lawmakers have no choice but to listen to us because in 2022 Medical Freedom proved we are a voting bloc


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