Hochul Hides from Medical Freedom Fighters, Again!

1000 Activists Show Up Strong in Albany, NY!

Police Bureau Investigates Our Rally

2023 vaccine bills begin to rollout

Oppose S1531 & S624

by Michael Kane


On January 10, 2023, nearly 1,000 Medical Freedom advocates came to the Capitol in Albany, NY to voice their support for parental rights and opposition to mandates. You can watch our rally on CHD TV.

Apparently Governor Kathy Hochul felt it was necessary to initiate a criminal investigation of our rally through the New York State Police Bureau of Investigations.

The day before our rally an investigator with the bureau contacted me and we had a great conversation. They mainly wanted to know how many people we expected and if we planned any civil disobedience. I told them the estimate was at least 500 people, and we had absolutely no plans for civil disobedience.

When we got to Albany the next day we were told the Capitol Building would be shutdown when Hochul delivered her State of the State (SOS) address. There were tons of NY State Troopers in the area we planned to setup in. All the police officers were fantastic. We worked well together to keep the event organized and safe. The police kept very good lines of communication with me and the other organizers throughout the rally.

The Times Union reported that the public had been blocked from the SOS because of us; because of vaccine mandate protesters. The paper published the following:

The decision to shut down was likely driven by those protesting vaccines, however. On Tuesday, hundreds of people clamored against vaccine mandates and chanted about governmental hypocrisy. Vaccine mandates were not mentioned once in Hochul’s listed priorities for this session.  

Last year on January 5, 2022 we brought 4,000 protesters to Albany. The night before we arrived Hochul announced she was barring everyone from all lawmaker buildings unless you provided a vaccine passport or negative covid test result. Two years in a row Hochul has shown she is scared of peaceful Medical Freedom Fighters.

She flinched, twice.


Until this week we only had the vaccine bills from last year, 2022, to work from. After every election all bill numbers get scrapped and the sponsors have to reintroduce the bills to be assigned new numbers.

We now have two bad vaccine bills reintroduced for the 2023/24 sessions

S1531- The Adult Vaccine Database Bill

S624 – Mandatory covid shots for college students

Both bills are sponsored by Senator Brad Hoylman.

I believe it is telling that these are the two bills Hoylman chose to introduce first this session. It is highly likely he will work to make both of these bills a legislative priority for the 2023 session. We must watch them closely.

What we need to do now is make in-district (local) meetings with our elected officials. On January 10th we made a big splash in Albany and every lawmaker heard about it.

That’s good. Very good!

Now we need to keep the pressure up and bring it local in our neighborhoods. If we make enough meetings in January and February with our elected officials in our neighborhoods to voice opposition to S1531 and S624 – and any other bad bills that pop up from now till then – we can kill the momentum it takes to make a bill become a law in Albany.

That’s our strategy right now – plain and simple.

Find who your lawmakers are by clicking here.

Make your meetings!!!

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