NY Gov Hochul Wants Her Quarantine Camp Regulation Back

She lost it in 2022, but plans to appeal in 2023

by Michael Kane


Governor Kathy Hochul has made it clear she intends to fight to get back her quarantine camp regulation. This regulation was beaten down by attorney Bobbie Anne Cox last year, and would allow the Governor to detain anyone indefinitely at anytime suspected of being exposed to any communicable disease with no due process and no mechanism to get out of detention.

The deadline for appeal was set for January 6th, which had given Hochul and her Attorney General Tish James 6 months to file an appeal. They missed the date but recently asked for an extension, and the court has granted that extension.

This was expected. Stay tuned to TEACHERS FOR CHOICE for updates and actions related to the coming appeal.

Read the details here: https://www.observertoday.com/news/local-region/2023/01/state-requests-extension-in-borrello-led-appeal/

2 thoughts on “NY Gov Hochul Wants Her Quarantine Camp Regulation Back

  1. I used to live in NY, I now live elsewhere in this country which has been deteriorating. With this Tyrant, Dictator in office in NY State and With the NY City Governor being no better, I find it very concerning to be a visitor to this formally fine State. My fear is that this is only the beginning of a wave to inflict our country.


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