NY GOP Pushes Hochul to End Healthcare Worker Vaccine Mandate, but…

CHD Victory That Already Ended this Mandate is Being Suppressed

by Michael Kane


Despite the Associated Press (AP) reporting on the CHD victory that ended NY Governor Kathy Hochul’s vaccine mandate for healthcare workers, there is extremely little coverage of this landmark win. When the NY POST reported that all New York Republican Congressional reps wrote a letter to Hochul calling on her to end this very same mandate, they intentionally left out the CHD victory from attorney Sujata Gibson.

In fact they instead chose to mention a brand new lawsuit from attorney Jim Mermigis that was just filed. Why did the POST replace the relevant lawsuit victory with a brand new case that nothing has happened with?

I know Jim Mermigis and he is a valiant civil rights attorney fighting for medical freedom. We all wish him well and much success with his new lawsuit. Nevertheless I am sure he would agree with me something is odd with CHD’s lawsuit being completely ignored. In fact, he references the CHD lawsuit frequently in his legal brief!

On January 19th the NY Congressional GOP wrote a letter focusing entirely on the drastic personnel shortages in our hospitals and healthcare facilities throughout the state, calling on Hochul to rescind her vaccine mandate to hire desperately needed staff. They, too, made no mention of the recent CHD victory however it is certainly implicit in the timing of their request. Their omission feels strategic.

But in the mainstream media (MSM) something darker is going on. Anytime a judge rules against any of our NY cases fighting mandates, it gets reported very prominently. I had scheduled Attorney Sujata Gibson and two plaintiffs to be on national news to discuss this CHD victory. However less than 12 hours before the broadcast the segment was pulled by higher-ups. The producer I work with told me it was out of her hands. I am convinced there is coordinated media suppression of this victory, including from news sources that have typically supported us such as FOX, NEWSMAX, NY POST, etc…

This victory over a vaccine mandate for workers is the only one in New York in the past two years that has had no appeal filed. It is without question the most important legal victory in the state of New York related to covid vaccine mandates.

It’s been 8 days and no appeal has been filed by Hochul / Tish James.

That means unvaccinated healthcare workers in New York can now apply for jobs, and they cannot be denied an interview due to their vaccine status. If the hospital or institution they apply for a job at requires vaccination, they must accept a religious exemption from the applicant. This is because while there is a federal vaccine mandate for healthcare workers, SCOTUS has enshrined that there must be valid religious exemptions provided and accepted. Thousands of unvaccinated healthcare workers throughout America are working right now, many with religious exemptions in place. There is absolutely no reason why this can’t be the case in New York as well.

If any healthcare worker is denied an interview due to their vaccine status, reference the following letter template from Sujata Gibson to put the hospital on notice that they are guilty of religious discrimination in violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Find the letter template here: https://teachersforchoice.org/2023/01/18/letter-for-ny-healthcare-workers-to-send-if-rejected-at-interview-for-being-unvaccinated/

One thought on “NY GOP Pushes Hochul to End Healthcare Worker Vaccine Mandate, but…

  1. Wow! The suppression is crazy! This is a GREAT victory overall BUT the media suppression stinks!!…. Now what about us teachers??? I truly hope we are next! This is insanity!


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