NY GOP Pushes Hochul to End Healthcare Worker Vaccine Mandate, but…

CHD Victory That Already Ended this Mandate is Being Suppressed by Michael Kane 1-21-23 Despite the Associated Press (AP) reporting on the CHD victory that ended NY Governor Kathy Hochul’s vaccine mandate for healthcare workers, there is extremely little coverage of this landmark win. When the NY POST reported that all New York Republican CongressionalContinue reading “NY GOP Pushes Hochul to End Healthcare Worker Vaccine Mandate, but…”


Watch episode HERE Michael Kane and Polly Tommey cover the most important new of the week as well as the upcoming rally in Albany, NY on January 10, 2023 Get all info for the rally here: https://teachersforchoice.org/2022/12/27/mary-holland-dr-paul-alexander-and-moe-oliver-speaking-in-albany-ny-jan-10/ Get BUS TICKETS to the rally here: https://childrenshealthdefense.org/events/jan10/#em-event-booking-form

Medical Mandate Survey for All NY Governor Candidates

Find out what the candidates say they will do about covid & medical mandates if elected 6-9-22 Children’s Health Defense NY Chapter has sent a survey on medical mandates to the majority of candidates running for Governor in New York. As we receive responses from candidates, we will be posting the PDF files here forContinue reading “Medical Mandate Survey for All NY Governor Candidates”

DEFUND the W.H.O. ???

Must Watch Interview! 5-26-22 Watch here: https://live.childrenshealthdefense.org/shows/good-morning-chd/iSdHIoxc5b AMAZING interview with Valerie Borek of STAND FOR HEALTH FREEDOM covering how to Defund the W.H.O., the International Health Regulations (I.H.R.), and the Global Pandemic Treaty. In just 30 minutes Borek is able to break down very complex topics into easy understandable information. Also videos, photos and musicContinue reading “DEFUND the W.H.O. ???”