MEDICAL FREEDOM: Good Bills and Bad Bills in Albany NY

Photo from January 10 Rally in Albany

Here are the bills to talk about when you make a meeting with your NY Elected Officials for May 16


Find your Senator here –

Find your Assembly member here –

Schedule a meeting with them for MAY 16 when we are headed up to Albany, and tell them if you think they should support or oppose the following bills:


S1636, (Oberacker-R), A3997 (Flood-R), Prohibits mandatory Covid shots for K-12, college, employment

Senate co-sponsors: Murray, Borello, Gallivan, Tedisco, Weik, Mattera

Assembly co-sponsors: Palmesano, Gandolfo, Giglio Jody A, Mikulin, Maher, Beephan, Pirozzolo, Norris, Simpson, Brown A, Durso, Manktelow, McDonough, Byrnes, Brown K, Novakhov, Gallahan, Bendett, Slater, Brabanec, Angelino, Tague, Miller, McGowan, Smullen, Hawley, Smith, Lesmondes,

S4316 (Lanza-R), A6451 (DiPietro-R) Creates a right to sue the State for injuries caused by a mandated vaccine

Senate co-sponsors: Ortt, Weik

S118, (Gallivan-R), A6676 (DiPietro-R) Restores the religious exemption

Senate co-sponsors:  Ashby, Borrello,  Matera,  Murray, Oberacker, Rhoads, Weik

No assembly co-sponsors yet

S5715 (Weik-R) A4460 (Durso-R) Requires a parent/guardian to be present when vaccines are administered

Assembly co-sponsors: McDonough. Brown A, Manktelow, Gandolfo, Brabanec, Byrnes, Tague, Giglio JM

No Senate co-sponsors


Underlined are the most threatening.

A2178 (Dinowitz-D)/NSA, Mandatory COVID shots for daycare, preschool, K-12 students.

S1531 (Hoylman-D)/NSA, All adult vaccine records must be given to the state.

S837 (Rivera-D)/A4132 (Paulin-D), Repeals law passed in 2022 that prohibits sharing vaccine database information with federal immigration enforcement agencies.

A276 (Paulin-D)/S762 (Krueger-D), Allows giving drugs and vaccines for STDs to children without parental knowledge or consent. No statutory lower age limit.

A2143 (Dinowitz-D)/S624, (Hoylman-D), Mandatory COVID shots for college students.

A1811 (Dinowitz-D)/S1945, (Hoylman-D), Mandatory flu shots for K-12 students.

A1736 (Dinowitz-D)/S3373, (Skoufis-D), Requires NYSDOH to track all medical exemptions from vaccine mandates written by NY physicians.

A2125 (Dinowitz-D)/NSA, Eliminates religious exemptions from vaccine mandates for work and college.

A2905 (Zebrowski-D)/NSA, Requires medical exemptions from vaccine mandates to be approved by the NYSDOH.

S6103 (Krueger-D)/NSA, Allows 14-year-olds to get any vaccine without parental consent.

NSA “no same as” means there is no companion bill in the other House.

3 thoughts on “MEDICAL FREEDOM: Good Bills and Bad Bills in Albany NY

  1. As a retired Special Educator, Administrator, now holistic Health Care Practitioner, a parent and grandparent, I am with you in this fight for our Medical Freedom! There is enough evidence (although hidden from the public) to fight long and hard for freedom of choice regarding the health of our families.


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