NY We Go BACK To Albany January 10th, 10am!

Back to Albany, NY January 10, 2023, 10am Reserve Seat on Bus to Albany HERE No Covid Mandates: Rehire Fired Workers: Protect Parental Rights *** INFO AND RESOURCES BELOW CONFIRMED SPEAKERS Mary Holland – President and General Counsel of Children’s Health Defense Dr. Paul Alexander – Epidemiologist, academic and researcher: PaulAlexander.com Moe Oliver – NYC Teacher for over 23 years,Continue reading “NY We Go BACK To Albany January 10th, 10am!”

What are the Bills We Need to Watch in Albany, NY?

from Michael Kane 11-25-22 This list is of problematic bills in Albany during the 2022 session. After every election in New York, all the bill numbers are thrown away and lawmakers need to resubmit any bills they want on the table to be assigned new bill numbers. For now we will still use the 2022Continue reading “What are the Bills We Need to Watch in Albany, NY?”

Medical Mandate Survey for All NY Governor Candidates

Find out what the candidates say they will do about covid & medical mandates if elected 6-9-22 Children’s Health Defense NY Chapter has sent a survey on medical mandates to the majority of candidates running for Governor in New York. As we receive responses from candidates, we will be posting the PDF files here forContinue reading “Medical Mandate Survey for All NY Governor Candidates”