IF YOU ARE CALLING IN TO LISTEN TO THE EMERGENCY HEARING THIS MORNING IN KANE vs DE BLASIO THE PHONE NUMBER AND ACCESS CODE SEEM TO HAVE CHANGED. ONLY USE THE BELOW INFO: Hearing starts at 9am, so call before than. The proceeding is open to the public, but members of the public and mediaContinue reading “NEW PHONE NUMBER FOR KANE vs DE BLASIO HEARING TODAY”

EMERGENCY Hearing Tomorrow 10-5-21 KANE vs DE BLASIO!

EVERYONE NEEDS TO COME TO Courtroom 18C of the Daniel Patrick Moynihan United States Courthouse, 500 Pearl Street, New York, New York, on Tuesday October 5th!!! If you can’t attend you can attend telephonically. All details from the court below: ORDER re: [12] EMERGENCY MOTION for Temporary Restraining Order. The Court will hold a hearingContinue reading “EMERGENCY Hearing Tomorrow 10-5-21 KANE vs DE BLASIO!”

DO NOT Cause Any Problems at Your School Today!

from Michael Kane 10-4-21 The NY POST quoted me out of context when I said I was showing up to my school today because I didn’t quit or resign. Do not let the media pull you into any confrontations! I told my principal I was showing up for legal reasons and that I was notContinue reading “DO NOT Cause Any Problems at Your School Today!”

Twitter Storm on Monday and Tuesday – Calling on Judge LOVE!

9-19-21 Judge Love is the brave justice who imposed a temporary restraining order (TRO) on the September 27th NYC DOE deadline of forced covid vaccination for all DOE employees. On Monday Sept 20th and Tuesday Sept 21st, we call on everyone on all social media platforms to send a storm of tweets and posts urgingContinue reading “Twitter Storm on Monday and Tuesday – Calling on Judge LOVE!”

MLC Files Legal Petition Against NYC on behalf of NYC DOE Employees

9-10-21 The following petition was filed by the entire Municipal Labor Committee (MLC) against NYC for not recognizing religious and medical exemptions to vaccination for employees who require such exemptions. This is good. TEACHERS FOR CHOICE is happy to see this and we fully support it. There are many very strong arguments made in thisContinue reading “MLC Files Legal Petition Against NYC on behalf of NYC DOE Employees”

15,000 NYC Educators Not Vaccinated

According to journalist Selim Algar of the NY POST, there are 15,000 NYC Educators who have yet to get their first COVID vaccine. That is 10% of NYC DOE staff, and represents over $20 Million in union dues. There is strength in numbers. Hold on to your convictions! READ THIS ENTIRE REPORT: NYC teachers unionContinue reading “15,000 NYC Educators Not Vaccinated”

Sujata Gibson Wins Mask Lawsuit in New York!!!

Sujata Gibson is TEACHERS FOR CHOICE’s attorney on our soon-to-be-filed lawsuit against NYC. GO GIRL!!! – mk NY Health Commissioner Repeals Mask Mandate for Unvaxxed After Federal Lawsuit Filed Children’s Health Defense supported the lawsuit filed by William Ouweleen which challenged the constitutionality of the emergency mask mandate requiring unvaccinated people to wear masks whileContinue reading “Sujata Gibson Wins Mask Lawsuit in New York!!!”

Why I thanked Mulgrew Tonight

I thanked UFT President Michael Mulgrew for ONE THING he did right today, which is to head into arbitration with NYC over religious and medical vaccine exemptions. What he did today will help our lawsuit which is designed to challenge all of the mandates. Yes, I wish he had done more. But when someone doesContinue reading “Why I thanked Mulgrew Tonight”

Thank you Michael Mulgrew!

TEACHERS FOR CHOICE thanks UFT President Michael Mulgrew for announcing that he is leading the Municipal Labor Committee (MLC) filing an impasse to mediation moving agressively and immediately to arbitration over medical and religious exemptions to vaccination. While we are not pleased with the fact that the COVID testing option is now completely off theContinue reading “Thank you Michael Mulgrew!”