I spoke with Andy Pallotta and Michael Mulgrew

9-1-21 from Michael Kane On Monday August 30th I had a fantastic phone conversation with Andy Pallotta, President of NYSUT, who told me he would inform Michael Mulgrew that we spoke. Today Michael Mulgrew called me and we had a very productive conversation. He said to make sure I tune in to the town hallContinue reading “I spoke with Andy Pallotta and Michael Mulgrew”

Bring Back NYC’s Weekly Testing Option

Email sent to Michael Mulgrew on 9-1-21, 1pm: To: Michael Mulgrewcc: Randi Weingarten, Andy Pallotta *** Good afternoon. I and TEACHERS FOR CHOICE ask that Michael Mulgrew advocates strongly to bring back the weekly testing option for those educators who are willing to agree to this but not vaccination. The entire MLC supports this atContinue reading “Bring Back NYC’s Weekly Testing Option”

Michael Kane’s Official Letter Resigning from the UFT

If you are a UFT member and wish to keep your job but resign from your union, learn precisely how to do so by clicking right HERE. Your process will start by sending a letter exactly like I just did below: *** SENT TO: mmulgrew@uft.org fperkin@schools.nyc.gov optoutuftnyc@gmail.com (payroll secretary email address withheld) SUBJECT LINE: Union Resignation AugustContinue reading “Michael Kane’s Official Letter Resigning from the UFT”

Update on Emergency Alert COVID Vaccine for Kids

8-31-21 One of our supporters called the New York State Speaker of the Assembly Carl Heatie’s office and was assured the bill regarding COVID vaccination and children only allowed pharmacists to administer the shot to kids. A few important points: Carl Heastie can never be trusted Every expert, lawyer and lawmaker we know and trustContinue reading “Update on Emergency Alert COVID Vaccine for Kids”

Michael Kane to be on La Voz Latina, WBAI Sunday, 8-29-21, 2pm

Michael Kane will be interviewed by Daniel Vila on La Voz Latina on WBAI 99.5 on the FM radio dial Sunday, 8-29-21, 2pm. You can hear it on the radio or stream it at wbai.org. Learn more about Vila and La Voz Latina at the following link – https://wbai.org/program.php?program=87

Michael Kane announces he is Leaving the New York City Teachers Union (UFT)

Urges All NYC Educators to Follow him Learn how to leave the UFT HERE Urges All AFT Educators Across America to Follow him Should NYSUT and NEA Educators Follow Him Too? 8-25-21 TEACHES FOR CHOICE Press Release Today at the NY UNIONS FOR CHOICE Protest at City Hall NYC Teacher Michael Kane announced he isContinue reading “Michael Kane announces he is Leaving the New York City Teachers Union (UFT)”

Bill Pepitone Speaking at TEACHERS FOR CHOICE August 25th NYC Protest at City Hall

8-19-21 TEACHERS FOR CHOICE is proud and honored to announce that Conservative Party NYC Mayoral candidate Bill Pepitone will be speaking at ourĀ August 25th Protest in NYC at City Hall. He is row C on the November Ballot Pepitone is the nephew of the legendary NY Yankee Joe Pepitone, a former NYPD Police Officer andContinue reading “Bill Pepitone Speaking at TEACHERS FOR CHOICE August 25th NYC Protest at City Hall”

Michael Kane on NBC Nightly News Saturday, August 7, 2021, 6:30pm

UPDATE 8-7-21, 9:30PM – The NBC coverage was a chop job. They only included one statement of mine, barely, when they had interviewed me for 30 minutes. The most important part of the NBC story is that Randi Weingarten is now leaning back towards supporting vaccine mandates for educators. Now more than ever our AUGUSTContinue reading “Michael Kane on NBC Nightly News Saturday, August 7, 2021, 6:30pm”

Email from Michael Mulgrew

The following email was forwarded to me by one of our supporters. That supporter had sent the TEACHERS FOR CHOICE Collective Bargaining Action Alert Email to Mulgrew, Weingarten and Pallotta. Mulgrew responded with the following: *** Dear ________, I appreciate your frustrations with all of the constant changes we are dealing with due to theContinue reading “Email from Michael Mulgrew”