Fulgent Genetics Contract with NYC for In-School COVID Testing FINALLY Released

DNA Concerns Were Valid No Mention of Specimen Destruction by Michael Kane 1-26-21 After freedom of information requests, inquiries by mainstream journalists, numerous requests to public officials, and an administrative court appeal, New York City Health + Hospitals Corp. (NYC H+H) has released the contract they have with Fulgent Genetics governing in-school COVID testing. ThisContinue reading “Fulgent Genetics Contract with NYC for In-School COVID Testing FINALLY Released”

NYC Hiding In-School COVID Testing Specimen Contract

What are they hiding in Fulgent Genetics’ Specimen Collection Agreement? 11-23-2020 By Michael Kane Through the work of multiple attorneys we have obtained many of the important contracts surrounding NYC in-school COVID testing. However we have still not received the Specimen Collection Agreement or any laboratory agreement between Fulgent Genetics and NYC Health + HospitalsContinue reading “NYC Hiding In-School COVID Testing Specimen Contract”

NYCDOE “Assures” Teachers DNA Will Not Be Catalogued

But Provides No Legal Documentation Proving This Our Investigation Moves to NYC Heath + Hospitals by Michael Kane 10-31-2020 New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE) General Counsel has responded to our attorney Michael Sussman’s second letter assuring us that all specimens from in-school COVID testing are disposed of after the test result is receivedContinue reading “NYCDOE “Assures” Teachers DNA Will Not Be Catalogued”