BIOMETRICS Arriving in New York Schools

by Michael Kane 10-22-22 I warned everyone about this more than a year ago when I wrote Biometrics Coming to a New York School Near You in August of 2021. The rollout has now begun, in the info-gathering stages. Before providing all details and sources, I encourage everyone to email a public comment to <> andContinue reading “BIOMETRICS Arriving in New York Schools”

Are Urban School Systems Giving Away Staff and Students DNA?

NYC & Philadelphia by Michael Kane 7-23-21 In both New York City and Philadelphia the public school systems signed contracts for in-school COVID testing with laboratories that ‘coincidentally’ own large proprietary catalogues of DNA specimens. In NYC the contracted laboratory is Fulgent Genetics. Through the courts and freedom of information requests, we were able toContinue reading “Are Urban School Systems Giving Away Staff and Students DNA?”

NYC Hiding In-School COVID Testing Specimen Contract

What are they hiding in Fulgent Genetics’ Specimen Collection Agreement? 11-23-2020 By Michael Kane Through the work of multiple attorneys we have obtained many of the important contracts surrounding NYC in-school COVID testing. However we have still not received the Specimen Collection Agreement or any laboratory agreement between Fulgent Genetics and NYC Health + HospitalsContinue reading “NYC Hiding In-School COVID Testing Specimen Contract”

NYCDOE “Assures” Teachers DNA Will Not Be Catalogued

But Provides No Legal Documentation Proving This Our Investigation Moves to NYC Heath + Hospitals by Michael Kane 10-31-2020 New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE) General Counsel has responded to our attorney Michael Sussman’s second letter assuring us that all specimens from in-school COVID testing are disposed of after the test result is receivedContinue reading “NYCDOE “Assures” Teachers DNA Will Not Be Catalogued”