Are COVID Tests Harvesting DNA Data?

5-31-22 Stacey Adams is a mom from Pennsylvania who is investigating if DNA is being harvested from covid tests as well as whether RFID chips are being inserted into covid tests to transmit data and DNA sequences. Watch full interview by clicking HERE *** Below are the references backing up the facts, claims and theoriesContinue reading “Are COVID Tests Harvesting DNA Data?”

Is NYC Headed for Biometric Digital Student Passports?

Digital Identity and the ‘Gamification’ of Education by Michael Kane 2-1-21 Fulgent Genetics billionaire CEO and founder Ming Hsieh also founded Cogent Systems, a biometric identification company eventually acquired by 3M. Fulgent is one of the laboratories under contract with NYC Schools to conduct in-school COVID testing. The agreement governing this testing between Fulgent andContinue reading “Is NYC Headed for Biometric Digital Student Passports?”

Is China Trying to Steal DNA from Americans?

60 Minutes Says YES, through BGI Group by Michael Kane 1-29-21 (updated 1-30-21) BGI Group is the world’s biggest biotech company and is accused to be expanding its COVID testing labs in order to steal DNA specimens from Americans, according to 60 Minutes. BGI is a Chinese company. In an odd parallel, the founder ofContinue reading “Is China Trying to Steal DNA from Americans?”

Fulgent Genetics Contract with NYC for In-School COVID Testing FINALLY Released

DNA Concerns Were Valid No Mention of Specimen Destruction by Michael Kane 1-26-21 After freedom of information requests, inquiries by mainstream journalists, numerous requests to public officials, and an administrative court appeal, New York City Health + Hospitals Corp. (NYC H+H) has released the contract they have with Fulgent Genetics governing in-school COVID testing. ThisContinue reading “Fulgent Genetics Contract with NYC for In-School COVID Testing FINALLY Released”

Fulgent Genetics Secret NYC Contracts Still Being Pursued – Now in Court

1-8-21 by Michael Kane A New York City law firm has just filed an administrative appeal to obtain the contracts between Fulgent Genetics and NYC Health + Hospitals for in-school COVID testing in NYC public schools. The firm filed a freedom of information request over 2 months ago. At that time, NYC H+H acknowledged the requestContinue reading “Fulgent Genetics Secret NYC Contracts Still Being Pursued – Now in Court”

NYC Hiding In-School COVID Testing Specimen Contract

What are they hiding in Fulgent Genetics’ Specimen Collection Agreement? 11-23-2020 By Michael Kane Through the work of multiple attorneys we have obtained many of the important contracts surrounding NYC in-school COVID testing. However we have still not received the Specimen Collection Agreement or any laboratory agreement between Fulgent Genetics and NYC Health + HospitalsContinue reading “NYC Hiding In-School COVID Testing Specimen Contract”

Mike Mulgrew Addresses DNA Controversy for First Time

“No DNA is being collected for nefarious purposes.” – Mike Mulgrew, UFT Delegate Assembly, October 14, 2020 10-14-2020 Today, for the first time, United Federation of Teachers (UFT) President Michael Mulgrew addressed the DNA controversy surrounding in-school COVID testing. However it does not appear that he said anything substantive. Sources who viewed the virtual delegateContinue reading “Mike Mulgrew Addresses DNA Controversy for First Time”

Did NYC & UFT Sell Our DNA without our permission?

Open Letter to Mike Mulgrew from New York Teachers for Choice (NYTFC) 9-13-20 Update 12-30-20: We sued NYC DOE over this issue and have settled the case. Learn about KANE vs. NYC DOE HERE *** Dear UFT President Michael Mulgrew: When NYC teachers and students are forced to give swab samples during random COVID testingContinue reading “Did NYC & UFT Sell Our DNA without our permission?”